Graduate Assistantships, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

In support of academic excellence, both The University of Akron and the College of Business Administration offer a wide variety of scholarships and other opportunities to help students in their educational pursuits. These scholarships are provided by corporations, foundations, professional organizations, faculty, alumni and other individuals.

Graduate Assistantships

Students admitted to a CBA degree program may be eligible for a Graduate Assistantship. A graduate assistant position is an arrangement in which a full-time graduate student works as a computer lab assistant, instructional support assistant, or research assistant (very few research assistants are awarded). In return, the graduate assistant is awarded a stipend and tuition benefits. Go to the Graduate Assistants page for additional information and eligibility, or review a Fact Sheet (pdf).

Complete a Graduate Assistantship application.

Diversity scholarships/assistantships are available on a limited basis for underrepresented minority groups and women in underrepresented programs. Interested applicants should submit a complete application for admission and an online Graduate Assistantship application by February 1 for consideration for awards for the following academic year starting in fall.

Industrial Graduate Assistantships

Industrial Graduate Assistantship (IGA) awards provide businesses and other organizations the opportunity to hire graduate level business students to work 20 hours per week in training positions during the academic year. The student is considered a university employee while receiving real-world work experience and also receiving a tuition scholarship from The University of Akron College of Business Administration (CBA).

The employer provides funding in the form of a grant to UA, to provide the stipend. This is billed to the employer at the end of the each semester for services provided. The awards can be given for one semester (16 weeks), the academic year (16 weeks each in fall and spring semesters) or a 12-month period. The minimum stipend is $3,750 for one semester, $7,500 for the Academic Year and $12,200 for a 12-month period. Employers are encourage to offer higher compensation to be competitive.

For more information, including forms, sample agreements and contact information, please go to the Industrial Graduate Assistantships page.

Federal Work Study Program

Federal College Work Study funding is available to Graduate Students. You should file a FAFSA form and check with The University of Akron Student Financial Aid Office for more information or look up eligibility information at

College of Business Administration Scholarships

Each year, the College of Business Administration awards more than 100 graduate and undergraduate scholarships to both current CBA students and incoming freshmen. Learn about the opportunities within specific areas of study.

University Scholarships

The University of Akron offers scholarships specifically for CBA majors. Learn about the awards that are available.

Financial Aid

Learn about the many sources of financial aid and work-study opportunities available to all UA students through the University's Office of Student Financial Aid.

Tuition and Fees

To see the current tuition rates and fees for graduate students, visit the Office of Student Accounts page. 2014 CBA Graduate tuition table.