Who is the contact person for inquiries about the Arts Administration program?

Kara Stewart
(330) 972-7989

What is the deadline for admission and financial aid applications?
Applications are due no later than March 15, and decisions for admission and financial aid are made at that time. Matriculation is limited to the fall semester of each year.

Is the GRE required?

Must an official transcript be mailed directly from my undergraduate school to the UA Graduate School office?

Is an interview required?

A personal or phone interview is strongly suggested.

If I don't meet the entrance requirements, what should I do?
In special cases, a student may receive Provisional Admission with the possibility of full admission after the successful completion of 12 hours of graduate work. These twelve hours may be counted towards the degree requirement.

May I speak with a student in the program?
Absolutely yes!
Contact Kara Stewart at She will put you in contact with a student or recent graduate.

Financial Aid

May I hold an assistantship and work as well?
No, and yes. The University allows full-time Graduate Assistants to work a maximum of eight hours a week at another job.


Who would be my adviser?
Kara Stewart is the program coordinator and adviser for all Arts Administration students.

What if I already have some graduate level courses?
In some cases, up to six credits of appropriate graduate course work may be transferred from an accredited institution.

May I go part-time?
Part-time students are welcome; however, it is important to remember that required classes are offered on a two-year rotation. The degree must be completed in 6 years from the first enrollment.

May I take classes in the evenings?
All required courses for the MA in Arts Administration are offered after 5 p.m.


How will I find one?
Each student is responsible for initiating an internship that will be approved by the program coordinator.

How long is an internship?
Internships may be taken for three or six credits. Three credit internships normally last six weeks. Six credit internships normally last three months.

Other Topics

How is the job market?
This is a complicated question as it relates to variables such as the overall economy and specific geographic locations. Nonetheless, it is clear from our alumni placements that graduates from this program have had good success at finding positions in the non-profit sector as well as developing successful careers.

How can I maximize my chances for success?
Students who approach education strategically, gathering experiences and building a resume and portfolio while they gather skills in the classroom have a great competitive advantage upon graduation

Students who carefully select internships with an eye to future employment are more likely to move smoothly into their first professional positions.