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As UA's vice president for finance and administration and chief financial officer, David J. Cummins oversees fiscal operations, financial planning and budgeting, treasury services, student financial services, purchasing, parking and dining services.

Prior to joining UA, Cummins was vice chancellor, finance and data management for the Ohio Board of Regents, where he managed the policies and procedures for state subsidy support of public higher education institutions. He also served in top finance positions at Lorain (Ohio) County Community College and North Central Technical College in Mansfield, Ohio.

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David J. Cummins

David J. Cummins

Associate Vice President, Treasury and Financial Planning: 330-972-5302

Treasury Services: (330) 972-7574

Auxiliary Enterprises:

Central Stores
Dining Services
Mailing Services
Parking Services
Printing Services
Quaker Square Inn
Retail Operations
Zipcard Office

Controller: (330) 972-6570

Accounts Payable: (330) 972-7200
Payroll: (330) 972-7205
Property Accounting: (330) 972-7202

Hower House: (330) 972-6909

Purchasing: (330) 972-7340

Central Stores: (330) 972-7579
Contract Compliance: (330) 972-5965
Risk Management: (330) 972-7340

Resource Analysis and Budget: (330) 972-6520

Strategic Position Review Process

Student Accounts: (330) 972-5100

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