As an Honors College student, you have been admitted directly to the degree-granting college of your choice. If you are now (or later) uncertain about what to major in, you will be classified as "Undecided" in the college of your choice. Advice concerning your choice of major is available from the honors preceptors and from the Honors College staff.

If you decide to change your major, you need to report to the office of the dean or director of your college or school as well as inform the Honors College office of your decision. Some students choose to complete "divisional" majors in the College of Arts & Sciences. Others choose to complete two majors, or a major and one or more minors or supplement their major with one of the many university certificate programs.

For the specific requirements of UA's majors, minors, and certificate programs, see The Undergraduate Bulletin and consult with the office of the appropriate department, school, or college.

Baccalaureate + Masters Programs

The University of Akron offers several 3-2 Programs, which are accelerated programs that allow a student to receive both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in 5 years. Students complete the undergraduate phase of the course of study in 3 years instead of the traditional 4 years and begin graduate studies immediately thereafter. Click on the links below to learn more about each of these programs. 


For talented students with an interest in Mathematics, the Department of Mathematics offers several 5-year programs in which a student earns a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree simultaneously. 

Please contact the Department of Mathematics at

For more information about the programs click here.