Michelle Boltz honored for contributions in dietetics


Michelle Boltz, a nutrition and dietetics clinical instructor at The University of Akron, received the Outstanding Educator Award in a Coordinated Program in Dietetics for the 2012-13 school year.

Michelle Boltz

Boltz has been a full-time clinical instructor at UA for two years. In addition to her teaching duties, she also is a clinical instructor at students' supervised practice sites.
The Outstanding Educator Award in a Coordinated Program in Dietetics is presented by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annually to recognize the contribution of dietetic educators to the profession. Boltz will be presented with her award at the academy's annual conference in May.
"Michelle's enthusiasm for the program, the students and the profession is truly remarkable," says Dr. Sandra L. Hudak, director of UA's coordinated program in dietetics. "She goes above and beyond in order to help the students and steps up to assist or participate in so many activities."
The criteria for the Outstanding Educator Award include demonstrated innovative teaching skills and techniques, mentoring and leadership.

Educator and mentor

In addition to teaching courses, Boltz mentors students and prepares them to become entry-level professionals as an adviser for the Student Dietetic Association.
Boltz trains interns at the Austin Bioinnovation Institute in Akron by developing simulation laboratories and case studies. She is currently developing a simulation scenario involving veterans with traumatic brain injury.
As a member of the Inter-Professional Education Collaboration, Boltz works with an "inter-professional committee to develop core competencies for inter-professional collaborative practice for use in teaching and training students in UA's College of Health Professions," Hudak says.
The selection committee took into consideration the letters from students and faculty that recommended Boltz for the award.
"We had an outpouring of letters from students recommending her," Hudak says. "This is an outstanding recognition for Michelle as an educator, as she represents The University of Akron and the Coordinated Program in Dietetics in this statewide nomination."

 Story by Nicholas Nussen

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