Tuition and fees

The tuition and fees are listed for planning purposes only. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Tuition and fees are assessed on the basis of information given by the student at the time of registration and are audited periodically for the correct assessment.

Tuition and fees are normally reviewed annually for rate changes effective each Fall term.


Tuition fees by credit hour are below. This information was updated June 2015, and it applies to students taking courses during the 2015-16 academic year, which starts Monday, Aug. 31, 2015.

Rates for fall 2015, spring 2016 and summer 2016:

Main Campus - Undergraduate courses / Four-year programs

Effective Fall 2015: If a student enrolls in various locations/programs during a single term, the advantage of the plateau (flat rate from 12-18 credit hours) will be lost. To address this, the most an undergraduate student enrolled in 12 credit hours in one location (Wayne, Associate, MCUC, Main) with additional GenEd Core credits, will pay for 18 credit hours will be the individual Undergraduate location rate. In other words, a student "must" be enrolled in 12 credit hours in one single location, take up to 6 credits of GenEd Core, to be charged the individual plateau location rate. Fees assessed per credit will still apply. All credit hours beyond 18 will be charged the Akron Undergraduate rate. The current multi-location policy will remain in effect for all other various locations/ programs scenarios.

Main Campus - Graduate courses

  1. Tuition for graduate courses in the College of Business Administration
  2. Tuition for other graduate courses:
    • arts and sciences,
    • college of education,
    • college of engineering,
    • college of health professions, and
    • college of polymer science and polymer engineering
  3. Special tuition and fees are in place for the following programs:
    • master's of public health,
    • master's of fine and applied,
    • joint Ph.D. in nursing,
    • joint audiology,
    • nursing anesthesia,
    • the MTax Direct program,
    • the Saturday MBA program, and
    • the English Language Institute.

Associate degree rates

Wayne Campus

Learn more about Wayne College.

Note: Tuition is charged at the Main Campus rate for courses that are:

  1. taught by a faculty member from the Main Campus (even if the class is held on the Wayne Campus),
  2. taught by distance learning from the Main Campus, or
  3. coded as a Main Campus-based course.

Medina County University Center

School of Law

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General Service Fee

The General Service Fee provides funds that support student activities and services, including:

  • the health professionals in Student Health Services;
  • intramurals;
  • UA-recognized student organizations;
  • intercollegiate athletics;
  • other co-curricular activities.

Who pays? Students taking credit courses.


The fee for Akron Campus and College of Applied Science and Technology undergraduates pursuing a bachelor's degree is $35.70 per credit hour, up to a maximum of 12 credit hours. This applies also to students taking select courses online and at most off-campus locations.

The fee for Akron Campus students pursuing an associate degree in College of Applied Science and Technology is $27.60 per credit hour, up to a maximum of 12 credit hours.

Graduate students and law students pay $16.45 per credit hour. This is also capped at 12 credit hours.

Students at the Medina County University Center pay a general services fee of $7.34 per hour, up to a maximum of 12 credit hours.

Students at Wayne College pay a general services fee of $7.34 per hour, up to a maximum of 12 credit hours.

Students in GenEd Core pay a general services fee of $7.34 per hour, up to a maximum of 12 credit hours.

Administrative Fee

Administrative Fee funds are used to cover costs associated with processing registration and printing transcripts.

Who pays? All under­graduate, post-baccalaureate and graduate students, except under­graduate students who have completed 96 credit hours or more or who have previously paid a matriculation fee. 

Amount: $30 per semester.

Facilities Fee

Facilities Fee funds are used to help retire the debt incurred for the construction of certain student facilities, such as:

  • the Student Union,
  • the Student Recreation and Wellness Center,
  • the Louis and Freda Stile Athletic Fieldhouse, and
  • InfoCision Stadium

Who pays? Students attending classes on Akron's Main Campus.

Amount: $18.55* per credit hour up to a maximum of 12 credit hours.

* Pending Board of Trustees approval on April 13, 2016.

Course Fees

Some courses carry an additional course fee.

Who pays? Students who enroll in certain courses that require an additional fee. Generally, these fees pay for lab supplies and equipment, field trips, visiting artists, software for the course, required national exams, one-time use equipment or consumables.

Amount: The fees vary by course. Please see Course Material Fee Schedule inside the Undergraduate Bulletin (search for "fee"). Please note that fees may change without notice.

For workshops and special-topics courses offered irregularly, the fees may not be listed in the bulletin. Please consult with the sponsoring department to learn about required course material and fees for those classes.

Transportation Fee

Funds from the Transportation Fee help make it easier to park and get around campus. Specifically, the fee pays for:

  • the maintenance and debt service on our parking lots and decks;
  • utility costs (primarily lighting) for the decks;
  • capital improvements to parking facilities; and
  • the Roo Express shuttle service.

Who pays? Students on the Akron Campus who take more than five credit hours. Students who are assessed the fee receive a parking permit on request at no additional charge and unlimited use of the Roo Express shuttle service.

Amount: Students on the Akron Campus who take more than five credit hours are assessed a $175 Transportation Fee per semester (fall and spring). The summer rate is $120. The fee covers the entire summer.

If you have questions about the Transportation Fee, call Parking Services at 330-972-7213 or write to

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Technology Fee

The Technology Fee funds:

  • new and enhanced computer labs, equipment, and software;
  • reduced prices for software;
  • more computers for student use;
  • high-speed wireless networking throughout Akron and Wayne campuses;
  • availability of wireless, state-of-the-art laptop computers for checkout from Bierce Library and other locations;
  • academic support software called Springboard;
  • technology-enhanced classrooms throughout campus;
  • computer-based testing;
  • distance-learning classrooms;
  • computer help through the Support Desk and computer repair services;
  • new and upgraded technology for teaching laboratories; and
  • My Akron, the personalized, 24-hour University intranet for online research, e-mail, course registration and individual calendars.

Who pays? All undergraduate students except students with 96 credits or more. Graduate and law students pay.

Amount: The fee is $13.20 per credit hour for undergraduate students, except those with 96 credits or more. Those with 96 hours or more are exempt. A fee of $16.25 per credit hour is charged to graduate and law students.

Career Advantage Program Fee

The Career Advantage Program Fee supports opportunities for internships, co-operative education, practicum, clinical/field-based experiences, student teaching, service learning, and other professional-level, experiential learning for qualified students.

Who pays? All Undergraduate students except students with 96 credits or more. Students taking classes at Medina and Midpoint are exempt.

Amount: $3 per credit hour.

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Library Fee

This fee enables University Libraries to build collections to support the curriculum. The collections include journals, books, online electronic resources and media collections.

Who pays? All Undergraduate students, except students with 96 credits or more, pay $4 per credit hour. Students in an associate program are assessed $3 per credit hour. Graduate students pay $4 per credit hour. Students taking classes at Wayne College and Medina/Midpoint are exempt. Law school students are exempt.

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Room and Board

For current residence hall rates:

For current dining plan rates:

Developmental Support Fee

The fee funds:

  • necessary tutoring for students taking developmental courses; and
  • intensive academic advising for students taking developmental courses.

Who pays? It applies only to students taking developmental (or remedial) courses with a subject of 2010 (formerly 1020), typically called:

  • developmental programs; or
  • special topics, developmental programs.

The fee is assessed to only credit hours for developmental courses. Credit hours for non-developmental courses are not subject to this fee.

Amount: $12.50 per credit hour.

Honors Program Fee

The fee supports the higher cost of the Honors Program.

Who pays? Students in the Honors Program.

Amount: $75 per semester.

Engineering Program Fee

The fee supports a number of College of Engineering programs/services, including:

  • the Co-operative Education Office, which places more than 1,100 students in co-op positions and permanent jobs each academic year,
  • the IDEAs program that provides scholarships for diversity students and an active tutoring program,
  • the Women in Engineering program that provides mentorship to young women and significant outreach for the college,
  • student design teams, and
  • a machine shop whose personnel maintain equipment, provide safety and specific machine training for students and provides machined parts for faculty research projects and student design teams.

Who pays? Undergraduate declared engineering majors above 30 hours.

Amount: $12.50 per credit hour, up to a maximum of 12 hours per semester.

Engineering Infrastructure Fee

The fee enables the College of Engineering to purchase or update software required to train students appropriately in this highly technical discipline with rapidly changing technology needs.

Who pays? Students taking engineering courses for credit.

Amount: $26 per credit hour

Engineering Co-operative Education Fee

The fee helps support the services provided by the for Co-operative Education Office in the College of Engineering. In academic year 2012-13, the professionals in the department placed more than 900 students in co-ops and secured permanent jobs for more than 250 graduating seniors.

Who pays? Engineering students on a co-op assignment.

Amount: $125 per semester for students

Selective Service Surcharge

Ohio Law (Section 3345.32 O.R.C.) requires that male students between the ages of 18 and 26 who are Ohio residents must register for Selective Service and verify that they have registered with the Selective Service in order to be considered in-state residents to attend Ohio public colleges and universities. Failure to register with the Selective Service and provide verification of such will result, as the law stipulates, in the assessment of the Nonresident Tuition Surcharge.

Affected students may have the Nonresident Tuition Surcharge removed by providing the required Selective Service number in person to the Office of the University Registrar located in Simmons Hall or by e-mail at To register for the Selective Service or to locate a lost or non-received Selective Service number, you may contact the Selective Service System on the web at or call 1-847-688-6888.

Who pays? All selective service eligible students that have not registered for selective service.

Amount: Out of state tuition per credit hour.


  • Account Audit: Please note that a student's account can be audited at any time for accuracy. Adjustments made can result in charges to the student account. Any credits may be refunded to the student.
  • Some fees — the library fee, the technology fee and the career advantage fee — are assessed to students with less than 96 credit hours.
  • Audit and Non-Credit (Developmental) Courses: The cost is the same whether the course is taken for credit, non-credit (developmental), or audit.

  • All fees and surcharges are due at the time of registration or on the specified fee payment deadline. An Installment Payment Plan for tuition and fees is available to all students. 

  • Exception to flat rate for 12-18 credit hours: If a student enrolls in various locations/programs during a single term, the advantage of the plateau (flat rate from 12-18 credit hours) will be lost. To address this, the most an undergraduate student will pay for 18 credit hours will be the Akron Undergraduate rate. All credit hours beyond 18 will be charged the Akron Undergraduate rate. More about the tuition plateau.

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