Mission, vision and values


We dream big and work smart to radically impact student success through:

  • Strategic Recruiting
  • Improving Retention
  • Creating more Relevant Learning opportunities for students that lead to career success
  • Improving student Readiness and preparation to compete in a global marketplace
  • Engaging alumni to Return and pay it forward
  • Developing Relationships through effective community engagement


We seek to be the most impactful group on campus and in the region for total student success.


  • Leadership is service, action not position, unselfish and loyal
  • We achieve our goals through:  Collaboration, Clarity and a focus on the Common Cause
  • All of our actions and attitudes place students and student success at the center of everything we do
  • Inclusive Excellence is infused in everything we do, every decision we make, every action we take
  • Excellent customer service is in every interaction, everyday