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Student Leadership Resources

One of the main objectives for the SOuRCe is to help develop strong student leaders.  The SOuRCe provides a variety of outlets and means of leadership development engagement for our student organizations. Below are a few important documents and resources that we hope will help you manage your organization!

The SOuRCe provides yearly updates to the Registered Student Organization Manual. Please refer to the documents below for important policies and clarification on processes.

Main Objectives for the SOuRCe

  • Develop strong student leaders
  • Provide leadership development
  • Enhance knowledge of group dynamics
  • Develop purposeful connections
  • Assist students in finding student organizations that align with their personal interests
  • Promote understanding of University resources, policies and procedures

    Leadership Retreats

    • Leadership Retreats are required for recognized groups at The University of Akron to become an officially registered organization on campus. These retreats provide student organization leaders the opportunity to learn more about University policies, SOuRCe programs and resources, and financial information.

    Involvement Fairs

    • Involvement Fairs are a way for students to network with student organizations. The involvement fairs held throughout the year offer students a glimpse into great ways to get involved on campus and to learn about what the student organizations have to offer at The University of Akron. RooFest is The University of Akron’s largest involvement fair and takes place in the Student Union during New Roo Weekend. Fall and Spring Involvement Fairs are smaller involvement fairs held in the Student Union.

      Sample Financial Documents

      In order to access funds (SAF/EAF/UAF) for your organization, you must first complete a Student Organization Request Form, also known as a SORF.  Here is a sample of an accurately completed form:

      If your organization has recently completed a fundraiser, was given a donation, or has a deposit to make, please bring your funds to the SOuRCe with a completed Deposit Form.  The SOuRCe staff will re-check the deposit and will ensure the funds are safely delivered to the appropriate office on campus.  All deposits are placed into your organization's SAF account - these funds typically post to your budget within two business days.

      SOuRCe Hours:

      Fall and Spring Semester
      Monday-Friday: 8 am - 5 pm 

      Spring Break
      Closed, Available by Appointment

      Contact Us

      Student Union Room 133 - located in the Center for Service & Leadership


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