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ZIP-TV is a campus cable TV network that was established in 1997 by the Department of Telecommunications. Channels that are provided give the campus community a variety of educational, news, and entertainment programming. Included in our 90 channel line-up is the Campus Information channel and two movie channels, the Residence Life Cinema channel and ZipFlicks that features current and classic film releases during the Fall and Spring semesters.


DTV Transition and ZIP-TV Cable

On February 17, 2009, analog television stations will shut down their analog transmitters as the last phase of the transition to Digital Television (DTV). The DTV transition applies only to television received over the air with an antenna and will have no impact on services offered by ZIP-TV. We have already taken precautions so that ZIP-TV services will not be disrupted and the transition will not affect campus cable service in any way. You will not need to change or update equipment in any way in order to continue to receive the cable service you have today.

If you happen to see any message on any television channel on ZIP-TV that your television set is not capable of receiving broadcasts after February 17, 2009, you can safely disregard it.

For viewers who have or are planning to get a digital television, ZIP-TV is now broadcasting DTV/HDTV signals. We use the "HDTV Cable" standard (also known as 256QAM). All of our DTV channels are free and broadcast "in the clear" without encryption. See our full channel lineup below for more details.


The ZIP-TV Digital Lineup

3.1 NBC/WKYC HD 			19.2 CBS/WOIO Weather
3.2 NBC/WKYC Weather 			43.1 WUAB HD
5.1 ABC/WEWS HD 			49.1 PBS/WEAO HD1
8.1 FOX/WJW HD 				49.2 PBS/WEAO HD2
19.1 CBS/WOIO HD 			55.1 WBNX HD

The ZIP-TV Analog Lineup

2 Channel Lineup 		46 Comedy Central
3 NBC/WKYC 			47 Game Show Network
4 CBS/WOIO 			48 BET
6 WVPX 				50 MTV
7 PBS/WVIZ 			51 MTV2
8 FOX/WJW 			52 VH1
9 WUAB 				53 VH1 Classic
10 PBS/WEAO 			54 Nickelodeon
11 CW/WBNX 			55 Disney
12 WGN 				56 Cartoon Network
13 Weather 			58 ESPN
16 CNN 				59 ESPN 2
17 CNBC 			60 ESPN News
18 MSNBC 			61 ESPN Classic
21 Bloomberg 			62 ESPN U
22 Headline News 		63 College Sports TV
23 Fox News 			65 Fox Sports Ohio
24 ZipFlicks 			66 NFL Network
25 Campus Information 		67 Speed Channel
26 Residence Life Cinema 	68 Big Ten Network
27 Turner Classic Movies 	69 Golf
28 AMC 				70 Fit TV
29 Lifetime Movies 		71 Discovery Health
30 Independent Film 		72 TLC
31 Bravo 			73 Food Network
32 Lifetime 			76 HGTV
33 Hallmark 			77 A&E
34 ABC Family 			78 Travel Channel
35 We 				79 Discovery
36 E! 				80 National Geographic
37 Soap Net 			81 History Channel
38 TV Land 			82 Military Channel
39 TBS 				83 Animal Planet
40 TNT 				84 Science Channel
41 USA 				85 NASA
42 F/X 				86 G4 Tech TV
43 Sci-Fi 			87 Court TV
44 Spike TV 			88 C-SPAN
45 ZTV 				89 C-SPAN 2


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2008 ZIP-TV Digital Lineup

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