Save the Date

The John Puglia Memorial Show will open on July 14th in the Emily Davis Gallery.

Gillette Academic Scholarship

The John and Barbara Gillette Study of the Arts Abroad and Academic Scholarship Fund for The University of Akron’s Mary Schiller Myers School of Art was established in 2013 by John and Barbara Gillette to provide students with the opportunity to explore the borderless and timeless language of the arts, and to provide the gift of education for art majors.

The John and Barbara Gillette Study of the Arts Abroad Scholarship program immerses students in a new culture and provides them with an historical, intellectual, and technical enrichment opportunity designed to gain a competitive edge in meeting their artistic career goals.

School of Art News and Events

UA gallery honoring John Puglia, Akron artist and alumnus
UA Myers School of Art receives gift of large Warhol prints
Check out exhibition of book-based art at University of Akron library
Landscape photography exhibition opens March 10
Paper and scissors take on new dimensions at UA’s Emily Davis Gallery

The Myers Forum – DATA.

Summer, 2014 – by appointment

In the spring of 2014, Jer Thorp visited the Myers School of Art to work with a select group of students. In his visit, Jer shared his beautiful and moving data visualization projects, worked hand-in-hand with students and directed them towards creating their own abstract representation of data in a human context. Jer’s work helps us learn about the way we use digital technologies, how to become more empathetic in the data age, and ultimately—to tell the story of our lives. He asks how can understanding the human side of data lead to innovation and effective change? What value is there in the novel and interactive approaches to data visualization? And, what are the business applications of creative data-focused research?Thorp teaches audiences how adding meaning and narrative to huge amounts of data can help people take control of the information that surrounds them, and revolutionize the way we utilize data. The students of this course ask these same questions and provide answers in the form of the projects they present. From collecting data on emotions to the color of clothing we wear, graphing opinions on resources in the school to the influence of technology on our lives. The Myers Forum students explored all aspects of data to reveal the human side hidden within.