Evening with the Accountants

Evening with the Accountants (EWA) is the annual professional outreach and recruitment event held at the Quaker Station and hosted by the George W. Daverio School of Accountancy. Representatives from about 40 employers arrive at the Station ready to meet and informally interview about 200 students. Employers advertise open internship (or employment) opportunities through the University’s Career Center in advance of the event, which students sort through and review online. In the weeks leading up to the event, students will also be preparing for EWA by working with our our faculty, staff and Junior Advisory Board (JAB) to learn to create professional resumes and effective cover letters. Workshops and mock interviews are also held to teach students about appropriate business attire and good interviewing etiquette.

Our highly motivated accounting students seek internships in order to develop and strengthen their accounting and business knowledge, skills and abilities. Interns also gain valuable insight into the accounting profession and learn about various opportunities in the accounting field. Employers who have made use of the internship program routinely report that it has been a fulfilling and highly beneficial experience for their organizations.

Our interns normally work full-time for 10 to 16 weeks during either the Spring or Summer terms. Though we do not currently have a fall internship program, we would be delighted to consider fall internships when available. Interns normally receive three credits that count as a senior-level elective in the BS Accounting program. Thus, it is important that their internship responsibilities be comparable to those given to entry-level staff accountants. The internship experience is highly meaningful and significant for us and our students; it contributes to developing a well-rounded accounting graduate; and it assures that students develop pride in their employers and in the accounting profession. The hourly rate earned by accounting interns has generally ranged from $15.00 to $25.00 and averaged about $20.00. Participating employers routinely say that the program proved to be fulfilling and highly beneficial to their organizations.

Interviews will be conducted on campus from September 28 to October 13, 2017 in the College of Business Administration. In addition to interview week, we would be very grateful if you could note and observe following important dates:

  • September 12. Deadline for posting employment position(s) in Handshake, the University’s web-based career management system. We would like each employer to post positions in that site in order to reach all our students.
  • September 15. Deadline for students to post resume.
  • September 19. Evening With the Accountants (EWA 2017) at Quaker Square Station from 4:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m. In preparing for the fall recruitment season we encourage you to participate in EWA 2017. Approximately 200 students and 40 employers participate each year. Cost for four representatives to attend EWA 2017 is $115. Additional representatives will pay $30 each. Questions regarding this event should be directed to Nancy Stott in the School of Accountancy at 330-972-7588 or nsstott@uakron.edu.
  • September 26. Deadline for selection of candidates you wish to interview on campus. Please ensure at least one day for the candidates to prepare.
  • October 13. Recommended date for firms to begin making offers so that students can make more informed decisions and all firms, including those that start the process late may be able to complete their recruitment processes.
  • October 19. We suggest that employers consider giving students at least four working days to make their acceptance decisions. This gives the students time to speak with their families and others about their offers, and make more informed decisions.

Employers posting internships:
To post your internship position(s) and schedule your on-campus interview date, you must access Handshake, the University’s online job system. If you need additional assistance or information regarding on campus interviews, please contact Kat Creamer at 330-972-7042 or khc8@uakron.edu.

We look forward to seeing you on campus this fall. On behalf of our students, faculty and staff, thank you for your support and contribution to our programs.