Education Student Organizations

Akron Council of Education Students (ACES)
ACES is a student organization dedicated to enhancing communications between education students by promoting fellowship and supplement professional training through extra- and co-curricular activities related to education.

Adviser:  Dr. Lynne Pachnowski
Campus Phone:  (330) 972-7115

Association of Honors Educators (AHE)
AHE is a service, professional, and social organization created by and for pre-service teachers in the Honors College. It provides its members with opportunities to network with each other as well as with other education professionals through a variety of events and service projects.

Student Association for Graduates in Education (SAGE)
Group for graduate students in higher education administration who are interested in professional development, networking, and social events.

Adviser: Dr. Sandy Coyner
Campus Phone: (330) 972-5822

Student Council for Exceptional Children
The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the welfare and education of exceptional children and youth through: promoting community awareness, affecting community values and programs, helping individuals, personal involvement, experiences that promote growth, and empathy within each member.

Adviser: Dr. Al Daviso
Campus Phone: (330) 972-5634

University Association for the Education of Young Children
The purpose of UAEYC is to enlighten, enrich and encourage participation of future professionals in the promotion of quality education and development of young children.

Adviser: Dr. Susan Witt
Campus Phone: (330) 972-7723