Faculty Senate Representatives

Terms Indicated are for committee terms only

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Graduate Council

(Elected by Faculty Senate)

Philip Allen* - Psychology

Mark Soucek* - Polymer Science & Engineering

2017-2018 (1 yr term)

Ohio Faculty Council

(Elected by Faculty Senate)

Leann Schaeffer - Nutrition and Dietetics
2017-2019 (2 yr term)

Alternate to Ohio Faculty Council

Kathryn Budd* - Art

2017-2019 (2 yr term)

University Council

(Elected by Faculty Senate)

Phillip Allen* - Psychology
2016-2019 (3 yr term)

Linda Saliga* - Mathematics
2017-2020 (3 yr term)

Jeanne-Helene Roy* - Modern Languages
2016-2018  (2 yr term)

University Council Standing Committees

(Appointed by Faculty Senate Executive Committee)
 (3yr term)

Budget, Finance, and Benefits Committee

Phil Allen* (BCAS, Psychology) 2020
Shiva Sastry (Engineering) 2018

Communications Committee

Kate Budd* (BCAS, Art) 2018
Julie Cajigas (BCAS, Communications) 2019

Information Technology Committee

Linda Barrett* (BCAS, Geology & Environmental Sci) 2018
Scott Randby* (CAST, Applied General & Technical Stuides) 2018

Physical Environment Committee

Harvey Sterns* (BCAS, Psychology) 2018
Ann Hassenpflug (College of Education, EF&I) 2018

Institutional Advancement Committee

Bob Gandee (Retiree) 2019
Huey-Li Li (Education) 2018

Recreation and Wellness Committee

Kristine Kraft (College of Applied Science & Technology) 2018
Jeffrey Franks (University Libraries)  2018

Student Engagement and Success Committee

to be filled 2018
Michelle Byrne (CAST, Tech Writing) 2018

Talent Development and Human Resources Committee

Elizabeth Erickson (BCAS, Economics) 2018
Mary MacCracken (College of Education, Sports Science & Wellness Education) 2018

*indicates Faculty Senator