Faculty Senate Representatives for 2012-13 Academic Year

Terms Indicated are for committee terms only

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Graduate Council

(Elected by Faculty Senate)

Phil Allen - Psychology
2014-2015 (1 yr term)

Harvey Sterns - Psychology
2014-2015 (1 yr term)

Ohio Faculty Council

(Elected by Faculty Senate)

Rudy Fenwick - Sociology
2012-2014 (2 yr term)

Alternate to Ohio Faculty Council

Dwayne Jones - Summit College

2013-2015 (2 yr term)

University Council

(Elected by Faculty Senate)

Timothy Lillie* - Education
2011-2015 (3 yr term)

Kristen Koskey - Education
2012-2015 (2 yr term)

Elizabeth Erickson* - Economics
2013-2016  (3 yr term)

University Council Standing Committees

(Appointed by Faculty Senate Executive Committee)
 (3yr term)

Budget, Finance, and Benefits Committee

Ali Hajjafar* (BCAS, Mathematics) 2017

Communications Committee

Neal Raber* (Retired, Mathematics) 2015
James Durbin (Part-time faculty) 2015

Information Technology Committee

E. Stuart Moritz* (College of Law) 2015
Linda Barrett (BCAS, Geology & Environmental Sci) 2015

Physical Environment Committee

Harvey Sterns* (BCAS, Psychology) 2015
Ann Hassenpflug (College of Education, EF&I) 2015

Public Affairs and Development Committee

Nancy Marion* (BCAS, Political Science) 2015
Ian McCullough (University Libraries, Science & Technology) 2017

Recreation and Wellness Committee

Kristine Kraft (College of Applied Science & Technology) 2015

Student Engagement and Success Committee

Nancy Marion* (BCAS, Political Science) 2015
Susan Ashby (University Libraries, Electronic Services) 2015

Talent Development and Human Resources Committee

Elizabeth Erickson* (BCAS, Economics) 2015
Mary MacCracken (College of Education, Sports Science & Wellness Education) 2015

*indicates Faculty Senator