Current Students

Prenursing students in the School of Nursing receive academic advising provided by professional advisers in the Office of Student Affairs.  These advisers guide their students through the prerequisite requirements and coordinate their application for the nursing major when ready.

After beginning the nursing curriculum, students are assigned a nursing faculty adviser who will guide them through the nursing major.  Advisers in Student Affairs continue to be available for assistance with General Education and Honors Distribution questions.

Advisers in the Office of Student Affairs

Marci Tomajko, M. Ed.
MGH 313

Advises all prelicensure BSN prenursing students.

Dr. Joseph Migden
MGH 313

Advises all prenursing candidates for the "2nd degree" Accelerated BSN track.  Students must already hold a bachelor's degree in another discipline. 

Transfer Students

Students interested in transferring to major in nursing should submit copies of transcripts to the appropriate prenursing adviser.  All copies need to be legible, showing course name, number and grade earned.  The adviser will return an evaluation to the student indicating where the student stands in relation to prerequisite courses.  An appointment with the adviser can be scheduled after the evaluation is completed.

Student Success Center

Mary Gladwin Hall 313
Akron, Ohio 44325-3700
Phone: 330-972-5103
Fax: 330-972-5493

Administrative Assistant:
Désirée Reeves

Administrative Secretary:
Jan Parish

Interim Supervisor
Academic Adviser II:

Don Canary

Academic Adviser II:
Francesca Jirsa

Marci Tomajko

Academic Adviser:
Joseph Migden

Departmental Records Specialist:
Tamyra Staab

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