Learning Community

The School of Nursing is very pleased to provide several freshmen living/learning community options for students preferring a close-knit, supportive learning experience. 

These communities give freshmen the opportunity to network with other freshmen interested in nursing careers while developing the academic skills necessary to succeed in the challenging nursing curricula. Students meet nursing faculty, receive advice from current nursing students, and experience many opportunities to become familiar with the School of Nursing culture and nursing career expectations.

The School of Nursing offers the following Learning Communities:

The "living" option

Nursing: Living, Learning, and Leading---male and female freshmen students majoring in nursing share one floor in Spicer Hall.  Several upper classmen already in the nursing major live on the floor with the freshmen, serving as a mentors.  In order to be eligible for one of these housing placements, the student must also be registered to participate in the classroom option of the community with linked classes.  Students are prioritized by the date on their housing contract and their registration in the linked classes.

The "classroom" options

Essentials for Nursing Learning Community:

Three different class schedules are available, each containing 20 reserved seats.  Several nursing prerequisite classes are linked together to provide the basis for this community experience and students may add one or two other classes to the set schedule as they wish.  Students thus share very similar class schedules, instructors, assignments, etc. 

Foundation for Nursing Learning Community:

One class schedule is designed for the student entering the university in need of supplemental studies in math and chemistry.  The linked courses in this option are organized in a way to increase student preparedness and success.  To be eligible for this learning community, the student must be placed in the appropriate developmental math course.

New freshmen interested in learning communities are encouraged to schedule the earliest possible date for New Student Orientation, as the nursing learning communities fill very early.  Students do not need to live on campus in order to participate in one of these classroom communities.  However, if a student wants to live in the Spicer Hall nursing community, they must also register for one of these classroom communities.

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