SoC Has Strong Showing at 77th Ohio Communication Association Conference


Ohio Communication Association LinkThe School of Communication faculty and graduate students will be well-represented in the 77th Ohio Communication Association Conference, taking place October 4-5, 2013. Below are some of the papers that will be presented by University of Akron faculty and students:
Scott Chappuis and Sarah Conner's paper is entitled "Digitally Impaired Driving: Understanding the Predictors of Mobile-Multitasking While Driving." (from the Quantitative Research Methods class with Dr. Tang).
Rebecca Faessel's paper is entitled "Effectiveness of Anti-Smoking Campaigns on
Social Smokers through the Elaboration Likelihood Model." (From the Health
Communication class with Dr. Britt).
David Ritchey’s paper is entitled "Communication Chaos in Romania's HIV/AIDS Programs: A Case Study."
Rancer, A. S., Durbin, J. M., & Lin, Y. (2013). Teaching communication research methods: Student Perceptions of topic difficulty, topic understanding, and their relationship with math anxiety. Communication Research Reports, 30, 242-251.
Britt, R. K., & Englebert, A. (2013). "Dedicated Game Play in League of Legends: Attachment Style and Socialization in Communicative Patterns."
Cooper, R., & Tang, T. (2013). Fans, nonfans, and the Olympics: Predictors of audience's multiplatform experience with the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In K. Bissell & S. Perry (Eds). The Olympics, media and society. New York: Routledge-Taylor & Francis.
Tang, T., & Cooper, R. (In Press, 2013). Olympics everywhere: Predictors of multiplatform media uses during the 2012 London Olympics. Mass Communication & Society,16(4).
Cooper, R., & Tang, T. (In Press, 2013). Gender and predictors of multiplatform media uses: A case study of the 2012 Super Bowl. International Journal of Sport Communication, 6(3).
Congratulations to all!