Admission FAQ

Admission Requirements

I have a Bachelor's Degree in another field and was wondering if the Master's program requires a degree in Speech-Language Pathology for admission?

We require students who have bachelor's degrees in other fields to first complete a series of leveling, or pre-requisite, courses prior to entering our graduate program. Please see the Admission Standards page of our website. Information on our post-baccalaureate program and the courses we offer here at UA is listed on our website under Post Baccalaureate Requirements. If you have specific questions regarding the post-bacc program, please contact Mrs. Nancy Harris at

I am interested in receiving more detailed information regarding admission requirements and tuition.

See the Graduate Speech-Language Pathology Program page and the Graduate Tuition and Fees page.

Number of Applicants

How many students do you accept each year? How many have applied this year?

For the past several years, we have had between 250-300 applicants. We are able to admit a maximum of 40 students into our traditional (on-campus) graduate SLP program.

Time of Admission

Do you have rolling admission or do you only accept people in the fall?

Our "traditional" on-campus program admits for Fall semester only; we also offer a distance-learning MA program, which admits for Spring semester. See the Collaborative Distance Learning Graduate Program section of our website for additional information about this option. Specific questions can be directed to Dr. Catherine Richards at

Financial Aid

Do you offer any sort of financial aid packages, such as fellowships or working opportunities within the department?

We offer several different financial aid options - graduate assistantships and fellowships,  to name a few. More detailed information can be found on the Financial Aid section of the website.

How do applying grad students indicate that they are interested in a graduate assistantship, or a fellowship?

For our program, students do not apply for GA positions - so please do not send in the general application form that is found on the Graduate School's website. All we ask you to do is check the box on the application that indicates your interest in an assistantship. We will gather more information about your interest in assistantships during our interview process.


What are the requirements in terms of the GPA and GRE to get into the graduate program? On average what GRE scores do you look for?

A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required by our program. Please be aware, however,  that admission to our program has been very competitive  and the average GPA of those admitted has been in the 3.6 - 3.8 range. Below are the GPA and GRE averages for students admitted over the past two years.

Admitted Fall 2015 Admitted Fall 2016
Overall GPA 3.74 3.77
In-field GPA 3.84 3.86
Verbal GRE 55th percentile  53rd percentile 
Quantitative GRE 43rd percentile  40th percentile 
Writing GRE 4.2 4.2

If I take the GRE more than once, do you average the scores or take the highest?

We take the highest score in each area.