Computer for a dollar program

Computer for $1 icon

Are you:

  • without a home computer,
  • enrolled with a minimum of six credit hours for spring semester 2015,
  • in good academic standing (2.0 or higher GPA including developmental classes), and
  • eligible for all or part of the Pell Grant?

If so, please write a complete one-page essay on how owning a computer would help you academically.

Submit the essay along with your email address, student ID number, phone number and home address to the Adult Focus office in Schrank Hall North, Room 260 or send a Word document as an attachment to The deadline for receipt of this information is April 10. No essays will be accepted after this date. All contact information must be present on essay for consideration.

Eligible students will be contacted by April 24. If you are applying as a first-semester freshman, your application will be held for consideration until grades are posted at the end of semester 2014. It is your responsibility to contact Adult Focus with your final grades for the semester.

These are desktop computers. If you have received a computer from this program previously, you are ineligible.