Registration Process

Getting Started

  • Students are encouraged to register with the Office of Accessibility 3 months prior to enrollment at The University of Akron.
  • Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Admissions to apply for admission to the university prior to registering for services at the Office of Accessibility.

Step One

  • Submit allof the following information to the Office of Accessibility
    • A completed Preliminary Intake History Form
    • Current, disability-related documentation of your disability(ies) completed by a qualified professional
      • Specific guidelines are located here or in Simmons Hall 105.
      • The Office of Accessibility will not accept disability-related documentation from treatment professionals who are related, in any way, to the student requesting services.

Step Two

  • Once all documentation materials have been received and reviewed, you will receive a letter indicating your next step. Usually, the next step is to schedule an intake appointment.
  • The intake appointment is designed to discuss:
    1. Services a student is eligible to receive based upon the documentation submitted
    2. Disability-related needs
    3. Preparations for attending college
    4. Introduction to the online accommodation request system
  • Students are welcome to bring a support person (parent, guardian, spouse, case manager) to the intake appointment, which will be scheduled with a professional staff member of the Office of Accessibility.

Submit Forms

Mail to address below or fax to (330)972-5422

Office of Accessibility

The University of Akron

Akron, Ohio 44325-6213