The Honors College offers many benefits

As a student in the Honors College, you'll have a chance to live in the Honors College Residence Hall with other highly-motivated, self-challenging students. You can apply for additional scholarships, and gain leadership experience through student organizations and through the Honors Leadership Summit. Further, students in the Honors College can design their own research focus, and get personal attention from faculty advisers.

Students in the Honors College enjoy:

  • Honors merit scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000 for most students
  • First priority at class registration so that you can have the classes you need, with the instructors you select, during the semesters and at the hours you prefer
  • One-on-one research with a faculty member in your chosen area of study
  • Special recognition at graduation and on your transcript
  • Leadership training for all new Honors students
honors computer lab



The Honors Colloquia, open only to students in the Honors College, are interdisciplinary seminars that are focused on discussion. The Honors Research Project provides students with a close working relationship with a faculty member.



In addition to scholarships you can earn through The University of Akron, the Honors College offers several scholarship awards to outstanding students. Scholarships range from $500 to $1,000 for most students, with the potential for additional scholarships for outstanding applicants. The additional scholarships are endowed scholarships, including Honors Housing Scholarships provided by the Herman Muehlstein Fund for Scholastic Aid (worth $2,000 for 2 years of on-campus housing) and Lisle M. Buckingham/Owen O. and Della M. Orr Prestigious Scholarships (providing room & board, tuition, and fees for four years).

The Honors College Alumni Board is currently offering a one-time, $500 scholarship. If you will have a senior status (96 credits or more) by the begining of Fall 2015 then you are eligible to apply here. Just fill out the forms as instructed by March 1st, 2015 and submit electronically to

Honors Complex

Honors Complex

The Honors Complex, located in the heart of campus, is the center of activity for honors students. Not only is it a residence hall for honors students, but it serves as a center for academics, too. The academic wing features a large classroom, seminar rooms, a computer lab, study lounges and a two-story common room for socializing and studying.

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Graduates of the Honors College get special recognition on the diploma and transcript. Students are also invited to a special graduation recognition ceremony to honor their achievements.

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More benefits

  • Live with other highly-motivated students in the residential wing of the Honors Complex
  • Full use of the facilities in the academic wing of the Honors Complex
  • A more flexible set of courses outside of your major
  • Career counseling and graduate scholarship adviser
  • Work with faculty in small honors colloquia and honors sections of introductory courses
  • Education abroad opportunities help make you more competitive in the global economy and improve your understanding of people from different backgrounds
  • As an senior undergraduate, you may enroll in up to 6 credits of graduate courses
  • Of the spring 2012 graduating Honors College students, who responded to a survey, about 80 percent already had jobs lined up or graduate/professional school appointments in place