Honors to Law

The Honors to Law Program is a program designed to attract a talented pool of University of Akron students who may also be racially and/or economically diverse to remain at the University for law school by offering presumptive admission to the School of Law based upon specified entering credentials and undergraduate academic performance. Presumptive admission is offered when the student matriculates into the University of Akron as an undergraduate student.

Honors to Law students are expected to be involved in the School of Law community as undergraduate students. This involvement may be achieved as follows:

  • Mentoring by law faculty and students
  • Advising by Law Admissions and Law Career Planning and Placement
  • Joining law student organizations as auxiliary members
  • Participating in law school programs such as brown bag luncheons, academic events, and social events
  • Visiting a law school class at least once per semester
  • Registering as a member of the UA-Law student e-mail listserv

Requirements for admission

  • Enroll at The University of Akron Honors College and maintain Honors College scholarship status - OR - enroll at The University of Akron as a undergraduate student and possess comparable entering credentials (ACT/SAT), high school GPA - AND - maintain undergraduate GPA at same level required by the Honors College.
  • Substitute an undergraduate research experience for the Honors Thesis. This may be done by submitting faculty advisor letter in support based upon the research experience.
  • Take the LSAT and earn a score at or above the anticipated median LSAT score of the next class of entering full-time law students (NOTE: We do not recommend students take the LSAT until the end of the junior or beginning of the senior year of the undergraduate program.)
  • Submit "Honors to Law" Pre-Application for Law School Admission during freshman, sophomore, or junior year
  • Submit requisite application materials, personal statement, and law school report during senior year
  • Meet standards for Character and Fitness as described on the School of Law application for admission (NOTE: Each student has a continuing duty to inform the School of Law of any changes to this portion of the application.) 
  • Remain on course to graduate as with a 3.40 or higher accumulative GPA. All grades considered by the Law School Admission Council including repeat for change of grade will be factored into the GPA.

The traditional holistic review process for each application will be done by the School of Law Admissions Committee as for all other applications in the pool. A student may receive admission to the School of Law without achieving at or above the median LSAT and/or undergraduate GPA. Other factors considered by the committee include: major(s); community service; ability to overcome difficult circumstances; diverse backgrounds; work experience; letters of recommendation; honors and awards. In addition, it may be possible for a student who has not achieved at least the median LSAT to receive scholarship assistance.

Note: This application is only to be completed by freshmen, sophomores, or juniors at The University of Akron - OR - individuals who plan to enroll at The University of Akron for undergraduate studies during the next available semester.

Click here to download the application form.