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Rule Number Rule Title Pdf Word Effective Date
3359-11-23 Petitions for Employment-Based Non-Immigrant or Immigrant (Permanent Residency) Status PDF Microsoft Word 08-30-2009
3359-11-24 Effort Commitment and Certification PDF Microsoft Word 12-31-2009
3359-20-02 Organization of the University Rescinded
3359-20-03 The Faculty: General Personnel Policies Rescinded
3359-20-03.1 Salaries (Full-time Faculty) PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-03.10 Guidelines for Initial Appointment, Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion of Full-Time Faculty in the School of Law PDF Microsoft Word 10-22-2010
3359-20-03.2 Faculty Workload Policy PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-03.4 Concluding University Employment PDF Microsoft Word 11-12-2011
3359-20-03.5 Orientation of New Faculty Members PDF Microsoft Word 05-23-2013
3359-20-03.6 Faculty Grievance Procedures PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-03.7 Guidelines for Initial Appointment, Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion of Regular Faculty Rescinded
3359-20-03.8 Joint Appointments and Joint Titles PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-04 The Faculty: Personal Matters and Special Instructions PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-04.1 University Research, Copyright and Patent Policy - see 3359-02-05 Rescinded
3359-20-04.2 Faculty and Special Organizations PDF Microsoft Word 09-16-1996
3359-20-04.3 Faculty Privileges and Benefits PDF Microsoft Word 12-26-2013
3359-20-04.4 Guidelines for Academic Retrenchment Due to Financial Exigency for Faculty Members Not Governed by Collective Bargaining Agreement PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-05 Academic Matters and General Policies PDF Microsoft Word 02-14-2013
3359-20-05.1 Grading System, Discipline, Academic Probation and Dismissal PDF Microsoft Word 07-05-2013
3359-20-05.2 Curricular Changes PDF Microsoft Word 02-21-2014
3359-20-05.3 Textbooks, Teaching Aids, Supplies, Offices, and Classrooms PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-05.4 Parking PDF Microsoft Word 05-18-2012
3359-20-05.5 Health Services and Restrictions on Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-05.6 Libraries PDF Microsoft Word 08-06-2001
3359-20-05.7 Publications and Promotional Materials PDF Microsoft Word 05-23-2013
3359-20-05.8 General Academic Information PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-05.9 Radiation Safety PDF Microsoft Word 05-23-2013
3359-20-06 Statement on Teaching Evaluations PDF Microsoft Word 09-16-1996
3359-20-06.1 Part-Time Faculty Appointments PDF Microsoft Word 02-21-2014
3359-20-06.2 College Lecturer PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007

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