Office of General Counsel

OCG Rule by Number

Rule Number Rule Title Pdf Word Effective Date
3359-01-01 Members of the Board and their Powers PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-01-02 Officers of the Board and their Duties PDF Microsoft Word 10-06-2011
3359-01-03 Committees of the Board PDF Microsoft Word 10-06-2011
3359-01-04 Meetings of the Board PDF Microsoft Word 10-06-2011
3359-01-04.1 Open Meetings PDF Microsoft Word 12-26-2013
3359-01-05 President of the University PDF Microsoft Word 12-26-2013
3359-01-06 University Faculty PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-01-07 Annual Budget PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-01-08 Enactment, Repeal or Amendments PDF Microsoft Word 12-23-1995
3359-01-09 Compliance with Administrative Rule Filing Requirements PDF Microsoft Word 12-23-1995
3359-01-10 Advisory Trustees PDF Microsoft Word 02-14-2013
3359-02-01 Officers of the Academic Administration Rescinded
3359-02-01 The Office of Academic Affairs PDF Microsoft Word 11-01-2013
3359-02-01.1 Deans of the Degree-Granting and Professional Colleges and Schools PDF Microsoft Word 02-14-2013
3359-02-02 Organization of Instruction PDF 06-27-2014
3359-02-03 University Libraries Administration PDF Microsoft Word 07-05-2010
3359-02-04 University Research Council PDF Microsoft Word 06-28-2012
3359-02-05 University Research, Copyright and Patent Policy PDF Microsoft Word 06-28-2012
3359-02-06 Degrees and Certificates PDF Microsoft Word 03-27-2003
3359-02-10 Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School PDF Microsoft Word 06-28-2012
3359-03-01 Officers of Finance and Administration PDF Microsoft Word 02-14-2013
3359-03-02 Tuition Fees and Refunds PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-03-03 Property of the University PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-03-04 Budget Deficit PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-03-05 Office of Talent Development and Human Resources PDF Microsoft Word 06-30-2011
3359-03-06 Acceptance of Credit Cards as Payment Option to the University PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-04-01 Officers of Public Affairs and Development PDF Microsoft Word 05-23-2013
3359-04-04 Compliance with the Sunshine Law Rescinded
3359-05-01 Officers of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer Division PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-05-02 University Libraries Administration - see 3359-02-03 Rescinded
3359-06-01 Office of the Vice President for Capital Planning and Facilities Management PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-07-01 Office of the Vice President and General Counsel PDF Microsoft Word 11-24-2001
3359-07-01.1 Records Compliance Office PDF Microsoft Word 04-27-2006
3359-07-02 Office of University Internal Audit PDF Microsoft Word 10-06-2011
3359-08-01 Officers of Student Affairs PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-09-01 Appointment to the Classified and Unclassified Civil Service PDF Microsoft Word 08-09-1996
3359-09-02 General Academic and Administrative Personnel Matters PDF Microsoft Word 11-12-2011
3359-09-03 Full-Time Service PDF Microsoft Word 04-11-2011
3359-09-04 Amendments PDF Microsoft Word 08-09-1996
3359-09-05 Notice Procedure PDF Microsoft Word 08-05-1999
3359-09-06 Office of University Internal Auditor - see 3359-07-02 Rescinded
3359-10-01 The University of Akron Governance Structure and Bylaws PDF Microsoft Word 04-01-1994
3359-10-02 The University of Akron Bylaws of the Faculty Senate PDF Microsoft Word 12-26-2013
3359-10-03 Bylaws of Shared Governance Council Rescinded
3359-10-04 The University of Akron Bylaws of the Long-Range Planning Committee (10-02 incorporates 10-04 & 10-05) Rescinded
3359-10-05 The University of Akron Bylaws of the Budget and Planning Coordination Committee (10-02 incorporates 10-04 & 10-05) Rescinded
3359-11-01 Sick Leave for School of Law Faculty, Contract Professionals, Classified, Unclassified Exempt Staff and Other Non-Bargaining Unit Faculty PDF Microsoft Word 05-09-2014
3359-11-02 Family and Medical Leave, Leave of Absence, Paid Maternity Leave, Paid Paternity Leave, Paid Adoptive and Foster Parent Leave and Vacations for Employees Other Than Bargaining Unit Faculty PDF Microsoft Word 05-09-2014
3359-11-03 Vacation Policy for Full-Time, Twelve-Month Faculty, Other Than Bargaining Unit Faculty, Contract Professionals, and Unclassified Exempt Staff PDF Microsoft Word 05-09-2014
3359-11-04 A Faculty Improvement Program for Faculty in the School of Law PDF Microsoft Word 07-05-2010
3359-11-05 Court and Military Leave for All Employees Except Bargaining Unit Faculty PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-11-06 Part-Time Employment for Full-Time Non-Teaching Personnel Who Retire Rescinded
3359-11-07 Sixty Plus Program PDF Microsoft Word 05-23-2010
3359-11-08 Policies and Procedure for Student Records PDF Microsoft Word 03-24-2008
3359-11-09 World Wide Web (WWW) Information Publishing PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-11-10 Access and Acceptable Use of University Computer and Informational Resources PDF Microsoft Word 11-06-2006
3359-11-10.3 Information Technology Security and System Integrity Policy PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-11-10.4 Customer Information Security Policy PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-11-10.5 Cellular Telephone and Other Wireless Communication PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-11-10.6 Social Security Number Use Policy PDF Microsoft Word 11-06-2006
3359-11-10.7 Privacy Policy PDF Microsoft Word 11-06-2006
3359-11-10.8 Identity Theft Detection, Prevention and Mitigation Policy PDF Microsoft Word 08-30-2009
3359-11-11 University Records Officer PDF Microsoft Word 08-30-2009
3359-11-11.1 Electronic records retention PDF Microsoft Word 11-06-2006
3359-11-12 Interim Policy on Stipends and Overload PDF Microsoft Word 09-25-1997
3359-11-12.1 Policy on Stipends for Contract Professionals and Non-Bargaining Unit Staff PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-11-13 Sexual Harassment Policy PDF Microsoft Word 11-15-2012
3359-11-14 Reemployment Guidelines for Superannuates Rescinded
3359-11-15 Reemployment Procedures for Retirees Other Than Retirees who Elected to Retire Under a University of Akron Early Retirement Incentive Program for All Employees Other Than Bargaining Unit Faculty PDF Microsoft Word 12-27-2012
3359-11-17 Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, Scholarly Misconduct, and Ethical Conduct Policies and Procedures PDF Microsoft Word 06-28-2012
3359-11-17.1 Conflict Management Requiring President's Review PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-11-17.2 Spousal Hire Policy for All Employees Other Than Bargaining Unit Faculty PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-11-18 Conduct and Ethics Policy: Employee Financial Interests in Companies Licensed under University Intellectual Property PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-11-19 Policies and Procedures for Release, Privacy, and Security of Selected Health Information PDF Microsoft Word 11-06-2006
3359-11-21 Criminal Background Checks for Residence Life and Housing Employees PDF Microsoft Word 11-06-2006
3359-11-22 Criminal Background Checks for University Employees PDF Microsoft Word 12-31-2009
3359-11-23 Petitions for Employment-Based Non-Immigrant or Immigrant (Permanent Residency) Status PDF Microsoft Word 08-30-2009
3359-11-24 Effort Commitment and Certification PDF Microsoft Word 12-31-2009
3359-11-25 Use of Video Surveillance on Campus PDF Microsoft Word 04-11-2011
3359-20-01 Institutional Mission and Goals, Affirmative Action Statement PDF Microsoft Word 08-24-2008
3359-20-02 Organization of the University Rescinded
3359-20-03 The Faculty: General Personnel Policies Rescinded
3359-20-03.1 Salaries (Full-time Faculty) PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-03.2 Faculty Workload Policy PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-03.3 Professional Leave, Leave of Absence & Vacation Rescinded
3359-20-03.4 Concluding University Employment Rescinded
3359-20-03.5 Orientation of New Faculty Members PDF Microsoft Word 05-23-2013
3359-20-03.6 Faculty Grievance Procedures PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-03.7 Guidelines for Initial Appointment, Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion of Regular Faculty Rescinded
3359-20-03.8 Joint Appointments and Joint Titles PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-03.9 Guidelines for Academic Retrenchment Due to Financial Exigency - see 3359-30-01 Rescinded
3359-20-03.10 Guidelines for Initial Appointment, Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion of Full-Time Faculty in the School of Law PDF Microsoft Word 10-22-2010
3359-20-04 The Faculty: Personal Matters and Special Instructions PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-04.1 University Research, Copyright and Patent Policy - see 3359-02-05 Rescinded
3359-20-04.2 Faculty and Special Organizations PDF Microsoft Word 09-16-1996
3359-20-04.3 Faculty Privileges and Benefits PDF 06-27-2014
3359-20-04.4 Guidelines for Academic Retrenchment Due to Financial Exigency for Faculty Members Not Governed by Collective Bargaining Agreement PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-05 Academic Matters and General Policies PDF Microsoft Word 02-14-2013
3359-20-05.1 Grading System, Discipline, Academic Probation and Dismissal PDF Microsoft Word 05-09-2014
3359-20-05.2 Curricular Changes PDF Microsoft Word 02-21-2014
3359-20-05.3 Textbooks, Teaching Aids, Supplies, Offices, and Classrooms PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-05.4 Parking PDF Microsoft Word 05-18-2012
3359-20-05.5 Health Services and Restrictions on Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-05.6 Libraries PDF Microsoft Word 08-06-2001
3359-20-05.7 Publications and Promotional Materials PDF Microsoft Word 05-23-2013
3359-20-05.8 General Academic Information PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-20-05.9 Radiation Safety PDF Microsoft Word 05-23-2013
3359-20-06 Statement on Teaching Evaluations PDF Microsoft Word 09-16-1996
3359-20-06.1 Part-Time Faculty Appointments PDF Microsoft Word 02-21-2014
3359-20-06.2 College Lecturer PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-21-01 Early Retirement Incentive Plan PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-22-01 Contract Professional Information PDF Microsoft Word 05-09-2014
3359-22-02 Contract Professional Position and Salary Administration Program - RESCINDED without replacement as this rule has been superseded by rules 3359-25-01 through 3359-25-20 Rescinded
3359-22-03 Contract Professional Advisory Committee PDF Microsoft Word 08-20-2011
3359-22-04 Contract Professional Grievance Committee PDF Microsoft Word 02-06-2006
3359-22-05 Contract Professional Grievance Procedures PDF Microsoft Word 12-26-2010
3359-22-06 University Council Representation Rescinded
3359-23-01 Re-Numbered as 3359-20-06.1 11-05-2004
3359-23-02 Part-Time Faculty Grievance Procedures PDF Microsoft Word 12-22-1989
3359-24-01 Bylaws of the Graduate Faculty PDF Microsoft Word 10-01-2012
3359-24-02 Grievance Procedures for Graduate Students PDF Microsoft Word 03-13-2000
3359-25-01 Classification of Positions PDF Microsoft Word 03-10-2000
3359-25-02 Parenthetical Sub-Titles PDF Microsoft Word 03-10-2000
3359-25-03 Specifications PDF Microsoft Word 03-10-2000
3359-25-04 Appropriateness of Duties PDF Microsoft Word 03-10-2000
3359-25-05 Changes in the Pay Ranges or Classification Plan PDF Microsoft Word 03-10-2000
3359-25-06 Classified Classification Plan PDF 12-05-2014
3359-25-07 Unclassified Classification Plan PDF 12-05-2014
3359-25-10 Position Audits and Reclassification PDF Microsoft Word 03-10-2000
3359-25-11 Notification of Employees PDF Microsoft Word 03-10-2000
3359-25-12 Retention of Certified Status PDF Microsoft Word 03-10-2000
3359-25-13 Determination of Classifications with Same or Similar Duties PDF Microsoft Word 03-10-2000
3359-25-20 Pay Ranges PDF 08-24-2008
3359-26-01 General Information PDF Microsoft Word 03-01-1993
3359-26-02 General Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures PDF 06-27-2014
3359-26-03 Compensation PDF Microsoft Word 05-24-2002
3359-26-04 Absence from Campus PDF Microsoft Word 05-09-2014
3359-26-05 Separation from the University PDF Microsoft Word 05-09-2014
3359-26-06 Part-Time Staff Group Health Insurance Coverage Rescinded
3359-30-01 Guidelines for Academic Retrenchment Due to Financial Exigency Rescinded
3359-31-01 Introduction to Travel on Behalf of the University Rescinded
3359-31-02 Transportation Rescinded
3359-31-03 Allowable Living Expenses Rescinded
3359-31-04 Reporting and Documentation of Expenses Rescinded
3359-31-05 Travel on Behalf of the University PDF Microsoft Word 08-30-2009
3359-31-06 Business-Related Expenses PDF Microsoft Word 08-30-2009
3359-38-01 Affirmative Action Policy and Program PDF Microsoft Word 06-30-2011
3359-40-01 Campus Conduct PDF Microsoft Word 12-31-1986
3359-41-01 Code of Student Conduct of The University of Akron PDF Microsoft Word 11-01-2013
3359-41-01 Disciplinary Power of the University Rescinded
3359-41-02 Definition of Student Misconduct Rescinded
3359-41-03 Investigation of Student Misconduct Rescinded
3359-41-04 Student Procedural Rights Rescinded
3359-41-05 University Hearing Board Rescinded
3359-41-06 Review Board Rescinded
3359-41-07 Presidential Review Rescinded
3359-41-08 Authority for Amendments Rescinded
3359-42-01 Student Rights and Responsibilities PDF Microsoft Word 02-14-2013
3359-43-01 Constitution PDF Microsoft Word 11-01-2013
3359-44-01 The Establishment of Assembly Procedures PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-45-01 Trespass Regulations PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-46-01 Motor Vehicle, Traffic and Parking Regulations PDF Microsoft Word 05-18-2012
3359-46-02 Parking Permit Fees PDF Microsoft Word 11-15-2012
3359-47-01 Alcohol Policy PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-47-01.1 InfoCision Stadium - Summa Field Alcohol Policy PDF Microsoft Word 05-18-2012
3359-47-02 Drug-Free Workplace PDF Microsoft Word 05-22-1991
3359-47-03 Computer Misconduct Policy PDF Microsoft Word 11-15-2012
3359-47-04 Sexual Harassment Policy - see 3359-11-13 Rescinded
3359-47-05 Tunnel System Policy PDF Microsoft Word 05-22-1991
3359-47-06 Replaced - see 3359-11-17 Rescinded
3359-47-07 Replaced - see 3359-11-17 Rescinded
3359-47-08 Locally Administered Public Improvements PDF Microsoft Word 01-13-1997
3359-47-09 Procedures for Key Pick-Up, Return, or Requests and/or Reporting Lost or Stolen Keys PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-47-10 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Policy Statement PDF Microsoft Word 12-05-1997
3359-47-11 Protection of Human Subjects PDF Microsoft Word 06-28-2012
3359-47-12 Meningitis and Hepatitis B Vaccination Status Statement PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-48-01 Coaching and Departmental Information PDF Microsoft Word 05-22-1991
3359-48-02 Academics and Admissions PDF Microsoft Word 08-06-2001
3359-48-03 Athletic Policy PDF Microsoft Word 11-15-2012
3359-48-04 University of Akron Athletic Department Drug Education and Testing PDF Microsoft Word 06-30-2011
3359-48-05 Interim Student Athlete Code of Conduct PDF Microsoft Word 11-01-2013
3359-60-01 Classification of Students PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-60-02 Undergraduate Admissions PDF 06-27-2014
3359-60-03 General Procedures and Requirements Rescinded
3359-60-03.1 Credit by Transfer and/or Examination PDF Microsoft Word 02-14-2013
3359-60-03.2 Credit/Noncredit Option (undergraduate and postbaccaulaureate only) and Re-examination PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-60-03.3 Repeating Courses PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-60-03.4 Academic Reassessment and Discipline PDF Microsoft Word 05-05-2008
3359-60-03.5 Grades and the Grading System PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-60-03.6 Graduation PDF Microsoft Word 07-05-2013
3359-60-04 Fees and Expenses PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-60-04.1 Residency Requirements PDF Microsoft Word 05-28-2005
3359-60-04.2 Regulations Regarding Refunds: Credit/Noncredit PDF 06-27-2014
3359-60-04.3 Residence Hall Refunds PDF Microsoft Word 07-05-2013
3359-60-04.4 Credit Hour Requirement for University Housing Occupancy PDF Microsoft Word 12-05-1997
3359-60-04.5 Freshman Residential Requirement PDF Microsoft Word 05-23-1999
3359-60-05 Financial Aid PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-60-06 Graduate Student Classification PDF Microsoft Word 05-22-1991
3359-60-06.1 Graduate Student Admission Requirements PDF Microsoft Word 10-22-2010
3359-60-06.2 Graduate Student Standards PDF Microsoft Word 05-09-2014
3359-60-06.3 Master's Degree Requirements PDF Microsoft Word 07-05-2013
3359-60-06.4 Doctoral Degree Requirements PDF Microsoft Word 07-05-2013
3359-60-06.5 Graduate Fees and Refunds PDF Microsoft Word 12-31-2009
3359-60-06.6 Graduate Student Assistance PDF Microsoft Word 11-24-2001
3359-60-06.7 Graduate Certificate Program Requirements PDF Microsoft Word 07-05-2013
3359-60-07 School of Law Admission Requirements PDF Microsoft Word 11-24-2001
3359-60-07.1 School of Law Admission Procedures Rescinded
3359-60-07.2 School of Law Academic Information Rescinded
3359-61-01 Indemnification and Defense PDF Microsoft Word 09-21-1986
3359-61-02 Expenses PDF Microsoft Word 09-21-1986
3359-61-03 Non-Exclusive Rights PDF Microsoft Word 09-21-1986
3359-61-04 Insurance Purchase PDF Microsoft Word 09-21-1986

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