Scholarships and Financial Aid

In support of academic excellence, both The University of Akron and the College of Business Administration (CBA) offer a wide variety of scholarships to help students in their educational pursuits. These scholarships are provided by corporations, foundations, professional organizations, faculty, alumni and other individuals.

CBA staff performed an analysis of working 15 hours or less each week while taking 15 credits each semester.The Case for 15 explains the value this path, in which a student could wind up saving more than $40,000.

College of Business Administration Scholarships

Each year, the College of Business Administration awards more than 100 scholarships to both current CBA students and incoming freshmen. Learn about the opportunities within specific areas of study.

University Scholarships

The University of Akron offers scholarships specifically for CBA majors, as well as other, general scholarships. Learn about the available awards.

Financial Aid

For information about the many sources of financial aid and work-study opportunities available to all UA students, please visit the Office of Student Financial Aid

On-Campus and Off-Camps Jobs

Many of our students work as they are attending the CBA. Listed below are resources for finding work.

  • Jobs Off Campus. A variety of job placement opportunities and resources are available for students who wish to work off campus while in school and for graduating students who are looking for permanent employment.
  • Internships. Internship and cooperative education opportunities allow students to be paid and gain relevant work experience and knowledge about their future careers. Contact the CBA Internship Coordinator to begin your search.
  • Part-time, Off-Campus Employment. A current listing of opportunities for part-time, off-campus employment is available through the Career Center.
  • Job Search Assistance. The Career Center provides job placement and resume editing services and hosts career fairs and other events throughout the year. The Career Center also has a career search database offered to students free of charge.

Jobs On Campus

Many departments and offices need to hire students to help with a variety of tasks.

Student assistants generally are paid positions. As a student assistant your duties could include monitoring a front desk or reception area, answering phones, delivering mail and packages to different campus buildings, making photocopies and assisting with other office functions. To attain a position as a student assistant, view the list of job openings or check with a department or college for openings.

Tuition and Fees

To see the current tuition rates and fees for undergraduate students, visit the Office of Student Accounts page.