Dr. Sandra C. Coyner

Sandra C. Coyner Ed.D.

Educational Foundations & Leadership

Dissertations Directed


Jim Rosneck (Chair) (in progress)

Christopher Tankersley (Co-chair w/Denise Stuart) (in progress)

Nasser Razek (Chair). Institutional accommodating measures for Saudi students' engagement, retention and success: An exploration at Riverside State University. (April 2012)

John Messina (Chair). A statistical analysis of the impact of participation in living-learning communities. (September 2011)

Lance Kaltenbaugh (Chair). Factors effecting job satisfaction of campus recreation administrators at four-year private institutions (May 2008)

Phil Hoffman (Methodologist). Are we really friends?  (May 2008)

Michael O’Connor (Co-chair w/Isadore Newman). From chaos to clarity: Educating emergency managers (June 2005)

Jamie McCartney (Co-chair w/Isadore Newman). Burnout of sign language interpreters:  A comparative study of K-12, postsecondary, and community interpreters (July 2004)

Dissertation Committee Member

Karl Rishe (in progress)
Stacy Willet (2010)
Cheryl Goliath (2009)
Shelley Waltonen-Moore (2007)
Matt Casey (2006)
Dawn McCombs (2006)
Geraldine Hura (2005)
Leanne Roberts (2005)
Christine McCallum (2005)
Joanna Bacik (2004)
Joyce Banjac (2004)
Rick Maringer (in progress)
Margie Martyn (2004)
Peggy McCann (2004)
Paula Qualls-Mitchell (2004)
Kimberly Peer (2004)

Internship Committee Member

Linda Kakish (in progress)
Deborah Hardy (in progress)
Karl Rishe (in progress)
John Messina (2011)
Nasser Razek (2009)
Stacy Willet (2008)
Phil Hoffman (2007)
Lance Kaltenbaugh (2007)
Dawn McCombs (2006)
Paulinus Enkono (2006)