Grant Opportunities

Program Purpose

The Department of Higher Education (DHE) will utilize the Ohio Higher Education Innovation Grant program to promote educational excellence and economic efficiency throughout the state in order to stabilize or reduce student tuition rates at institutions of higher education.  Successful awardees will design collaborative, innovative projects that support academic achievement and economic efficiencies. Projects focused on (a) consolidating services (i.e. administration redesign, program sharing) and/or (b) competency-based education are preferred.

Eligible institutions include state institutions of higher education, as defined within the Ohio Revised Code in Section 3345.011, and private nonprofit institutions of higher educations:

  • “State university" means a public institution of higher education which is a body politic and corporate. Each of the following institutions of higher education shall be recognized as a state university: university of Akron, Bowling Green state university, Central state university, university of Cincinnati, Cleveland state university, Kent state university, Miami university, Ohio university, Ohio state university, Shawnee state university, university of Toledo, Wright state university, and Youngstown state university.
  • “State institution of higher education” means any state university or college as defined in division (A)(1) of section 3345.12 of the Revised Code, community college, state community college, university branch established under Chapter 3355. of the Revised Code, or technical college.
  • “Private nonprofit institutions of higher education” means a nonprofit institution in this state that has a certificate of authorization under Chapter 1713. of the Revised Code.

State institutions of higher education and private nonprofit institutions may collaborate with other institutions of higher education, either public or private, on Innovation Grant projects.

Ohio Innovation Grant - 2nd Round

The Ohio Department of Higher Education Innovation Grant with Open Educational Resources (OER) is gearing up for our second round of OER course development. For this second cohort, we are opening applications for content contributors, content team leads, librarians, and course reviewers at the same time. The deadline to apply is Friday, March 16, 2018. Each role will be compensated.

The courses for cohort two, along with their TAG/OTM designations, include:

  • Calculus I (TMM005)
  • Calculus II (TMM006)
  • Microeconomics (OSS004)
  • Macroeconomics (OSS005)
  • General Chemistry I (OSC008)
  • General Chemistry II (OSC009)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (TMM011)
  • Ordinary Differential Equations (Ohio Dominican University high-level math course)

For additional information on the grant, click on the link:

Please note that each application should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and requires a CV or resume. An additional letter of support from the department chair or dean is required for content contributors/team leads and librarians. Please click on the follow roles to access the respective application.

  1. Content Contributor or Content Team Lead
  2. Course Reviewer
  3. Librarian Consultant

Team decisions will be made and communicated to applicants by late March, and a mandatory in-person training event is scheduled for all cohort two participants in late May/early June.

Ohio Innovation Grant - 3rd Round

The University of Akron’s Affordable Learning Initiative is excited to announce a third round of funding from Ohio’s Open Ed Collaborative. We are currently seeking faculty and librarians to research, create, and review course content that can be adopted and shared statewide and beyond as an Open Educational Resource (OER). Participants will be compensated.

  • Content Contributors will receive a stipend of between $1,500-$4,500, depending on the scope of work proposed by the team and type of content developed.
  • Content Team Leads participate as Content Contributors, but take on additional tasks. There is one lead designated for each team, and this role is eligible for an additional $500 in compensation.
  • Librarian contributors will participate as part of a team to create a package of content that can be adopted in whole or in part. Librarians will receive a stipend of $1000 for their work assisting the course content team.
  • Reviewers will receive a stipend of $500 for evaluating the content for quality and accuracy and assuring a good fit with transfer assurance guidelines.

 Courses planned for Cohort III (Runs from January – August 2019):

  • Abstract Algebra
  • Biology I & II - OSC003 & OSC004
  • Business Law - OBU004
  • College Algebra - TMM001
  • Elementary & Middle Childhood Math Education TAG in 2019-20
  • Lifespan Development - OSS048
  • Intro to Ethics - OAH046
  • Manufacturing Processes - OET010
  • Microeconomics - OSS004
  • Pre-Calculus - TMM002
  • Public Speaking - OCM013
  • US/American History I & II - OHS043 & OHS044

Deadline is November 2nd.

For more information and to apply for funding, please click on the following link: