Film Resources at Bierce Library

By Lisa A. Lazar, Performing Arts Librarian and Interim bibliographer for the School of Family and Consumer Science and Pan-African Studies.
Last Updated: 8 February 2013.

Finding films

Selected list of race-related films held by Bierce:
Media Center on ground floor of library:
Browsable DVDs
Viewing stations, including headphones, group room, all-country DVD players, VHS players
Check out and assistance desk

Searching in Catalog:

UA Library Catalog
Limiting by format:
  • To limit search to all video formats:
    • Keyword tab ⇒ Advanced Search tab
    • Limited to: Go to Material Type and select AUDIOVISUAL
  • To limit search to streaming video:
    • Add "streaming video" (with quotation marks) to the search
  • To limit search to DVDs:
    • Add “DVD” to any search
What are you looking for? The Art of Searching
  • For films directly addressing racial issues, try these keywords:
    • "racism"
    • "race relations"
    • "race"
    • "interracial"
  • For films with a specific group:
    HINT: If you want a very specific group or country, try the most specific term first, i.e., try Hmong, then Vietnamese or Vietnam, then Asian
    • African-Americans:
      • Keyword: "African American" (with quotation marks)
      • Also try "Civil Rights", if applicable
      • For outside U.S., try country name ("Congo"), "apartheid", "colonial" or "colonialism"
    • Hispanic-Americans or Latin Americans:
      • No clear keyword search – Hispanic-Americans/Latin Americans not used
      • Try: Specific country (Mexico/Mexicans, Honduras, etc.)
      • Use keywords &uqot;immigrants", "immigration", or "illegal aliens", if applicable
      • Last resort, try keyword "Spanish", since most of these films will include Spanish version, but so will many other films!
    • Asian-Americans
      • Again, no clear keyword search
      • Try specific country
      • Internment – try "Japan" or "Japanese"
      • If looking for a religious group, try that
    • Muslim-Americans
      • Try "Muslims"
      • If looking for those of the Middle East, use "Arab" or "Middle Eastern"
    • Native Americans
      • Try "Indians of North America"
    • Caucasians
      • Try "Whites"
  • Feature vs. Documentary
    • "Feature films" used, but inconsistent; can also try "drama" or "dramatization"
    • Can try "documentary" or "documentaries", but, again, applied inconsistently
Using materials for class
To show in class
For students to view on their own
To place a physical copy on reserve:
To place a link to a streaming video into your SpringBoard course page:
  • When adding a link, place this prefix before the URL:
    This will prompt the ezproxy login, which will authenticate your students as UA students.
Can’t find the video you want?
You can try requesting via OhioLINK ( InterLibrary Loan (ILL) (, but many institutions to do not AV materials outside of their own institutions.
Talk to your subject librarian about purchasing what you need: Subjects & Subject Librarians