Viewing Diversity: Film resources discussing race available through Bierce Library

Know it Now!

By Lisa A. Lazar, Performing Arts Librarian and Interim bibliographer for the School of Family and Consumer Science and Pan-African Studies.
Last Updated: 8 February 2013.

Finding films

Selected list of race-related films held by Bierce:
Media Center on ground floor of library:
Browsable DVDs
Viewing stations, including headphones, group room, all-country DVD players, VHS players
Check out and assistance desk

Searching in Catalog: ⇒ click on libraries ⇒ click on books and media (catalog)
Limiting by format:
  • To limit search to all video formats:
    • Keyword tab ⇒ Advanced Search tab
    • Limited to: Go to Material Type and select AUDIOVISUAL
  • To limit search to streaming video:
    • Add "streaming video" (with quotation marks) to the search
  • To limit search to DVDs:
    • Add “DVD” to any search
What are you looking for? The Art of Searching
  • For films directly addressing racial issues, try these keywords:
    • "racism"
    • "race relations"
    • "race"
    • "interracial"
  • For films with a specific group:
    HINT: If you want a very specific group or country, try the most specific term first, i.e., try Hmong, then Vietnamese or Vietnam, then Asian
    • African-Americans:
      • Keyword: "African American" (with quotation marks)
      • Also try "Civil Rights", if applicable
      • For outside U.S., try country name ("Congo"), "apartheid", "colonial" or "colonialism"
    • Hispanic-Americans or Latin Americans:
      • No clear keyword search – Hispanic-Americans/Latin Americans not used
      • Try: Specific country (Mexico/Mexicans, Honduras, etc.)
      • Use keywords &uqot;immigrants", "immigration", or "illegal aliens", if applicable
      • Last resort, try keyword "Spanish", since most of these films will include Spanish version, but so will many other films!
    • Asian-Americans
      • Again, no clear keyword search
      • Try specific country
      • Internment – try "Japan" or "Japanese"
      • If looking for a religious group, try that
    • Muslim-Americans
      • Try "Muslims"
      • If looking for those of the Middle East, use "Arab" or "Middle Eastern"
    • Native Americans
      • Try "Indians of North America"
    • Caucasians
      • Try "Whites"
  • Feature vs. Documentary
    • "Feature films" used, but inconsistent; can also try "drama" or "dramatization"
    • Can try "documentary" or "documentaries", but, again, applied inconsistently
Using materials for class
To show in class
For students to view on their own
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    This will prompt the ezproxy login, which will authenticate your students as UA students.
Can’t find the video you want?
You can try requesting via OhioLINK ( InterLibrary Loan (ILL) (, but many institutions to do not AV materials outside of their own institutions.
Talk to your subject librarian about purchasing what you need: