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What is a Learning Studio?


  • incredibly flexible space that can effectively support instructor-led classroom activities and also promote more informal, student-initiated learning activities. 
  • wireless and laptop-based.
  • may be configured in traditional rows of tables and chairs for formal presentations, however, students can easily rearrange the mobile, light-weight tables and chairs into collaborative configurations for any sized group.
  • perfect for problem-based learning and multi-modal instruction.
  • open when the library is open, and students may use the space and the technology whenever it is not scheduled.


  • Learning Studios must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.
  • These facilities are not open for full-semester class scheduling. Instructors interested in hosting an individual class session or groups interested in the functionality of these learning studios should submit a request through our scheduling request form:
  • Instructors should also contact their subject librarian to schedule course-integrated information literacy instruction in the Learning Studio.
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