Faculty Assessment Committee

Purpose of Program

In higher education assessment, peer review is a common practice. Having a peer review committee evaluate annual program reports can increase:

  1. Assessment literacy across colleges
  2. Understanding about HLC's assessment criteria
  3. Discussion on campus about best practices
  4. Participation in meaningful assessment practices instead of data collection
  5. Transparency in assessment processes on campus

In order to advance assessment as an institutional habit and achieve the above outcomes, a pilot Faculty Assessment Committee will be introduced in fall 2018. This program will train ten faculty to conduct peer-reviews of annual assessment reports and give feedback to programs.


Programs may opt-in to the peer reviews. If a high number of programs opt-in, reviews will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Assessment Director will continue to read and evaluate all reports. Peer reviewers will be trained to provide feedback. This feedback will be collected and returned to the programs. As a follow-up, programs can request a consult with the peer reviewer (if available) and the assessment director for the spring.

Time commitment for participating members

Six hours of time is required for fall:

  • 1 one-hour training session
  • 1 four-hour review session
  • 1 hour for additional feedback

Optional time commitment for spring:

  • Meetings with departments and Assessment director to review feedback

Recognition for Participation

Faculty will receive $200 in professional development funds. In addition, departments are encouraged to recognize this service effort in RTP and merit. A letter recognizing their service will also come from OAA.