Data Classification

Institutional Data is categorized into data classifications as defined in the ITS Data Classification Standard to ensure proper handling and sharing of data based on sensitivity and criticality of the information. Data classifications are listed below from most sensitive to least sensitive:  


Classification Examples

Domain Restricted Private Internal Public
Cross-domain identifiers (PII) SSN Last 4 of SSN University ID Number Name


Driver’s license, passport, credit card or banking information Individual grades, academic transcript, class schedule, date of birth, advising notes, ZipCard Student Address, Phone Student name, Major, Degree
Human Resources I-9 Form data; Payroll direct deposit account number  Employee home address, ZipCard Employee offer letters, faculty tenure recommendations Employee name and compensation
Health Patient record Faculty/Staff Immunization record
Facilities Detailed floor plans showing gas, water, sprinkler shut-offs, hazardous materials Basic floor plans showing egress routes and shelter areas Campus map showing buildings, names, addresses, parking, lighted pathways, emergency phones, etc.