The Sally A. Miller Humanities Center invests in faculty and student research with the goal of bringing cutting-edge humanities scholarship to classrooms at the University of Akron and beyond. The Center’s research grants facilitate participation in seminars, archival research, and other academic activities by faculty and students. In partnership with the Department of History, we also host the Applied Humanities and Archived Technology lab. This lab provides faculty and students with access to essential technologies for digital humanities scholarship. In addition, the lab contains a unique collection of retired technological devices necessary for researchers working with older formats such as microfilm, VHS, CD/DVD, and more.

Recent Research

Virtual History

How new faculty research helps students understand how video games portray the past

Research Archive

  • EG
    Harp's Work Appears in French Documentary
    The popular French YouTube documentary channel, Nota Bene, prominently featured Dr. Stephen Harp's work on nudism and naturism in a documentary that has been viewed nearly 400,000 times in three languages. Watch (English version)»
  • EG
    Santos Presents at Stockholm University
    Prof. Martha Santos recently gave an invited research presentation, "Rhythm, Dance, and Body Politics in Motion: Embodying the Teaching Afro-Caribbean History" at Stockholm University. Learn More»
  • JK
    Klein Presents Research at Columbia
    Prof. Janet Klein recently presented, "The Minoritization of Armenians and Kurds in the Late-Ottoman Empire and Early Turkish Republic" at Columbia University's Armenian Center. Watch»