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The requirements for a Major in Spanish are 28 credits beyond Spanish 202, including at least one course at the 400 level in both of the following areas: (a) language/linguistics and (b) culture. Study abroad and other transfer credits may apply toward the major, but a minimum of 14 credits must be taken at The University of Akron. You must also satisfy all university and college requirements, including:

  • 42 credits of General Education courses;

  • 47 credits total of courses taken at the 300 or 400 level (including those taken for the major, but excluding workshops or General Education courses).


After completing Spanish 202 and before taking further departmental offerings.

The following steps MUST be taken:

  1. Sign up for an advisor in the Department of Modern Languages. Your advising home base must be transferred from the College of Arts and Sciences.

  2. Register for Spanish 301 (Conversation) and/or Spanish 301/422 (Conversation for Health Professionals and First Responders), Spanish 302 (Composition) and Spanish 303 (Grammar). You may take these courses in any order, but you must have them all in place as prerequisites to other courses in the program.

  3. When you have completed two 300-level courses, it is recommended that you take Spanish 360 (Intro to Hispanic Culture through Film) (Spring).

Once you have an advisor in the department and have completed Spanish 301-303.

TWO of the following must be completed prior to taking the culture courses:

  • Spanish 401 Advanced Conversation (Fall)

  • Spanish 402 Advanced Composition (Spring)

  • Spanish 403 Advanced Grammar (Spring) *requires 303 as a prerequisite

  • Up to 10 credits of service learning projects (requires special permission)

  • 6-12 credits for Spanish 300/400 level electives through Valladolid Summer Study Abroad in Spain. For more information about Study Abroad contact Kirstin Polen de Campi.

The final tier of advanced courses includes:

  • Any course with a number of 404 or higher, as well as Spanish 351 (Spanish for Professionals: Business).
  • With the 401-402-403 sequence complete, you will be well prepared to take any culture (431, 432) or language/linguistics (404, 405, 406, 410) course in this category.


  • All courses must be taken for a grade; CR/NCR cannot be used.
  • All applicable courses must be passed with a grade of C or better to count toward fulfillment of the major requirements.


Spanish majors often become teachers or language specialists for government agencies or businesses. Some work as translators or interpreters, while others become area specialists for companies with ties to Latin American or Iberian markets. Many choose to double major in international business, social work, nursing, or psychology as a way to augment professional skills with language and cultural studies. Still others pursue graduate work in literature, culture, linguistics, or teaching methods. Since almost any career you choose will involve either certification, graduate studies, a minor, or a second major, talk to your advisor as early as possible about your career plans. In order to attain the proficiency necessary for many jobs, it is highly recommended that you spend time studying or working in a Spanish-speaking environment. The Department has much information on work, volunteer, and study abroad programs which should be part of your undergraduate career plans.


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