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Associate of Technical Studies (ATS)

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Is this for me?

This online degree program is for professionals in specialty areas seeking to advance in their careers. Any state, national or vendor certifications or licenses you currently hold can count for up to 30 technical credits toward your ATS degree — giving you a head start on finishing the program.

The ATS also provides a seamless pathway into UA’s bachelor’s degree programs, including allied health care administration, organizational supervision, and emergency management and homeland security.

Students in the program typically include cosmetologists, electricians, firefighters, HVAC specialists, paramedics, plumbers, police officers and more.

Flexibility for Working Adults

The A.T.S. degree is designed to create an individualized, technical associate program using planned or previously earned technical coursework. There are two types of A.T.S. degrees, Type A and Type B

The Type A ATS degree lets you create a customized program by choosing technical courses from different University of Akron programs. This is for career goals not covered by existing programs. With guidance from the ATS degree coordinator, you can plan a 30-credit course of study from at least two areas, aligning them to a specific career goal. Transfer credits may also count if relevant. General education courses fulfill the remaining credits.

The Type B ATS degree allows you to mix certifications with general education courses to meet associate degree requirements. Certifications can be from an educational institution or your workplace.

You can begin the program with up to 30 credits already completed from your current certifications and licenses — significantly lowering your overall cost.

Plus, you may be able to save even more money by transferring previously earned college credits to the ATS degree. Our Adult & Transfer Student Center for Enrollment can help you determine which credits might transfer.

Time to degree

The online ATS was designed with the working adult and parent in mind. The flexible online format allows you to study when convenient, giving you time for work and family.  

If you enter with the full 30 technical credits, and no previous college coursework, you will only need to complete 21-30 additional, general education credits — which would take about two semesters of full-time study.