General aquatic policies

  • Adhere to all posted rules and regulations.
  • Swim/Dive only when a lifeguard is on duty.
  • Lifeguards have the responsibility for the safety of all swimmers. Follow their instructions.
  • When you hear three whistle blasts, stop whatever you are doing and follow the Lifeguard’s instructions.
  • Children under 48 inches must have an adult (18 years of age or older) in the water with them. Lifeguards have the discretionary authority to require an adult to be in the water with any child who is deemed weak swimmers.
  • A soap shower before using the pool is strongly recommended.
  • Appropriate attire is required. Pool users are not permitted in any other SRWC activity area in swim attire; shoes and proper attire must be worn outside pool areas.
  • Children who are not toilet trained must wear protective plastic pants (swim diapers) with secure leg closures.
  • Always walk on the pool deck. Never run.
  • Rough play, horseplay, or chicken fights are not permitted.
  • An adult (18 years of age or older) must accompany children under 12 years old while in the pool.
  • Hanging on the lane lines is prohibited.
  • The following items are prohibited in pool areas.
    • Glass: Glass containers are prohibited in the pool areas, locker rooms and bleacher areas;
    • Helium balloons: Helium balloons are not permitted in the pool areas;
    • Food or gum: dispose of gum, bottles, or trash in proper receptacles.
  • Only U.S. Coast Guard approved floatation devices (Type II or III) are permitted. Floaties, inflatable rings, and inflatable devices used in place of swimming skills are not allowed. The Lifeguard or Supervisor will determine if an item is allowable.
  • Lap lanes are for continuous swimming. Be considerate of others. Keep the lane line on your right shoulder so that lanes can be shared by multiple swimmers.
  • Return any pool equipment to the storage bins after use.
  • Set-up for the pool varies. Check with the Lifeguard as to what areas are available. Classes and rentals may restrict the availability of certain areas of the pool.
  • All Pool users are encouraged to lock their valuables up at all times. Key operated lockers are available in the SRWC locker rooms.
  • SRWS is not responsible for any patron’s personal belongings.
  • Lifeguards and any SRWS staff reserves the right to remove anyone from the pool who does not comply with policies.

Leisure pool

  • Feet-first entries are required. NO DIVING!
  • Pool entry is only permitted at designated entry points, ladders, stairs, and zero depth.
  • Dunking or hanging on the basketball rim/net is prohibited.
  • Leisure Pool users are not permitted to enter other SRWC activity areas when wet in bathing suits. Dry shirts, pants, and shoes are required.
  • All regular Leisure Pool activities end 10 minutes before the posted closing time.

Hot tub

  • Caution: pregnant women, elderly persons, infants and those with health conditions requiring medical care should consult a physician prior to using.
  • Use by children under 15 years old is prohibited.
  • Do not use the hot tub while under the influence of alcohol, tranquilizers or other drugs that cause drowsiness or that raise or lower blood pressure.
  • Use only when lifeguard is on duty.
  • Long exposure may result in nausea, dizziness or fainting.
  • Observe reasonable time limits of 10 to 15 minutes, then leave the water and cool down before returning for another brief stay.
  • Do not use at water temperatures greater than 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • No public display of affection or inappropriate actions. This can lead to being removed from the entire SRWS facility.
  • The hot tub will be drained for cleaning and disinfection on the first (1st) and third (3rd) Monday of each month. Each time the hot tub is drained, service will be unavailable for approximately 24 hours.

Main pool

  • Do not swim under the bulkheads or through the lap lanes.
  • Feet-first entries are required, except for deep-water areas. Headfirst entries into posted shallow water areas are not permitted. Somersaults, back dives, and other inappropriate entries from the deck or bulkhead are not permitted.
  • Starting blocks are not for general recreation use. Qualified instructors or coaches are required for supervision during usage.
  • Open recreation lap swimming will be conducted using a circle-swimming method. Keep the lane line on your right shoulder so that lanes can be shared by multiple swimmers.
  • Aquatics program will provide as many open swim lanes as possible but please remember that the pool is shared by SRWC members, academic units, athletic teams, and community groups.


  • Lifeguards may require anyone of questionable swimming ability to take a deep-water swim test before using water over their head.
  • Dive only when a lifeguard is on duty.
  • Be sure the water area in front of the diving board or platform is clear before diving.
  • Do not swim underneath the diving boards.
  • Only one person on a board at a time.
  • Only one bounce per dive.
  • No hanging on the boards.
  • Dive straight off the end of the board.
  • Swim to the nearest ladder or side of the pool and exit immediately.
  • No unorthodox diving, dangerous dives, chain dives, or rough play on the boards. This includes handstands, butt bouncing, or sailor dives.
  • A maximum of 4 people are allowed on the 3-meter diving board platform. All other patrons must wait on the deck, at the bottom of the ladder, for space to become available.
  • The diving tower is restricted to authorized users. A coach or authorized person must be present. Prior permission from the SRWS professional aquatic staff is necessary.

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