Billiards Club

The University of Akron chapter of The College Billiards Tour Association was formed in 1997 at The University of Akron.  Its purpose:  to bring together students who love to play the various games of billiards and pocket billiards for competition, comradery and self-enhancement.  Annually, the “pool club”, as it is informally called, brings in 8-time World Champion and Hall-of-Famer Nick Varner for an exhibition and challenge matches for students and special guests; hosts a tournament involving its members and members of the Barberton Senior Citizens Center, and an awards banquet honoring its membership and those on campus that the club finds to be extraordinary.  Membership is open to all University of Akron students carrying a minimum gpa of 2.0, and who are in good standing with our university.

Meets every Wednesday from 7 - 11 p.m. in the Barry Lefkowitz Billiard Parlor



President: David Luscre
Faculty Advisor: Beth Waltrip


If you would like to contact the Billiards club please find us on OrgSync! The Billiards club is listed as the Collegiate Billiards Tour Association (CBTA)