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Color Theory and Applications

Course# Date Time Location
014-1158 09/11/2024 - 09/13/2024 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Microsoft Teams
014-1159 12/09/2024 - 05/13/2022 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Microsoft Teams
014-1160 01/13/2025 - 01/15/2025 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Microsoft Teams
014-1161 05/14/2025 - 05/16/2025 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Microsoft Teams
014-1163 09/10/2025 - 09/12/2025 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Microsoft Teams
014-1162 12/09/2025 - 12/11/2025 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Microsoft Teams
Cost: $1,800.00 USD
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CEU's: 2.4
Instructor: Rick Mathew

Course Overview

Please Note - Extended Lunch Break: 11 am -1 pm

This course will explore the basics of color theory.  Basic concepts of color measurement, specification setting, color tolerance and instrumental color measurement as they relate to color theory will be covered.  The exploration will consist of participative classroom sessions and hands-on laboratory exercises.  Participants will be given the opportunity to gain basic concepts in practical areas of color science.  These concepts, when applied, will allow for more effective communications with regard to color, both in the internal and external environment as well as more consistent and productive decision making in specifications and setting color tolerances.

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Instructor Biography:

mathew-headshotRick graduated from Kent State University with a BS in mathematics and a minor in Geology. In addition he completed graduate level classes in mathematics before serving in the military from 1970 to 1977 in the Ohio National Guard 107th Armored Cav.

Rick Mathew was a C.O.O. at Americhem Inc. and retired in 2007. He has over 40 years of hands on experience as well as educational experience in technology and business leadership. There are two areas he specializes in. In the technology area he has lead teams to develop and implement color technology for varies industries (paint, plastics and others). This would include the selection of colorants to perform in the selected systems as well as setting up computer aided color matching systems. He is the author of several book chapters on the subject (“Coloring of Plastic Materials”, “Handbook for PVC” John Wiley and “Thermoplastic & Polymer Additives” Marcel Deker Inc.) In Addition he has conducted extensive training in leadership development for managers and executives, as well as training in other technical areas concerning colorants and polymers. He regularly conducts a 3 day color class, including labs at The University of Akron Polymer Training Center.  His experience as VP of Research & Development provided a broad base of skills and experiences, from design of experiments to leadership skills for a technical organization.

Currently he is an active consultant to the polymer industry in such areas as, Color Science, Color Measurement, Product Design and Technical Business Leadership.

Rick has been married for over 40 years to his wife Rachel. They have two sons. Rick is a person of many interests, from furniture building to underwater cave diving. He is a certified SCUBA Instructor and enjoys reef aquarium keeping. He has a video production business, Perfect Image Video, that he integrates with his diving activities to produce underwater video productions.

I. Exploring What Color Is

     A. Physical Stimulus

     B. Appearance

     C. Metamerism

     D. Describing Color

     E. Review & Summary

     F. LAB

II. Exploring the Color Ordering Systems

     A. System Based on Physical Samples

     B. System Based on Colored Lights (Color Mixing Laws)

     C. Review & Summary

     D. LAB

III. Exploring Color Measurement, Specifications and Tolerances

     A. Basic Principles of Measuring Color

     B. Understanding the Sample

     C. Visual Color Measurement

     D. Fully Instrumental Color Measurement

          1) Understanding Your Instrument

          2) Instrument Types & Configurations

          3) What Instruments Can & Can Not Do

     E. Review & Summary

     F. LAB

IV. Uses of Instruments In Color Assessment

     A. Appropriate Use of Color Differences

     B. Assessments By Color Differences

     C. Perceptibility vs. Acceptability

     D. Color Tolerances Using Color Difference & Acceptability


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