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Polyurethane Elastomers: Chemistry, Applications and Formulations

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Cost: $700.00 USD
CEU's: 0.8
Instructor: Mr. David Russell

Course Overview

This is a practical course dealing with the chemistry and technology of polyurethanes intended for engineers and other technologists, marketing specialists, and sales personnel involved in the medical device industry. Overall, the course provides an introduction to the terminology, overall chemistry and the scope of polyurethanes use in the medical or related pharmaceutical applications. Definitions related to aliphatic and aromatic classifications and relationships among polyester, polyether, polycarbonate, siloxane, and other key backbone types are discussed both chemically and in terms of application to specific devices. Processing methods related to polymerization and end use device fabrication are discussed including extrusion, injection molding, coating processes, and electro-spinning will be presented. Key applications are identified along with pertinent rationale for urethane selection. These include catheters, surgical drapes, wound dressing, vein grafts, spine implants, transdermal drug delivery, adhesive, coatings and the like. Finally, emerging technologies related to urethane technology such as nanomaterials, antimicrobials, new backbone chemistries will be discussed.

Who Should Attend: Marketing and sales persons, product engineers, chemists, managers, quality professionals desiring to expand their knowledge into the realm of polyurethanes and medical devices made from polyurethanes. Pre-requisites; general technical aptitude and general familiarity of technical terminology related elastomers and related medical devices.

  1. Overview of Medical Polyurethanes
    • Key Features of Polyurethanes
    • Common uses of Polyurethanes in Medical and related Pharmacutical Devices
    • Intro to Functional Group Chemistry of Polyurethanes
    • Key Starting Materials
    • Intro to Key Structure Property Concepts
    • Urethanes as Adjunctives and Adjuctives to Polyurethanes
  2. Overview of Commercial Polyurethanes
  3. Polyurethane Types:
    • Aliphatic vs Aromatic Classification
    • Backbone Types:
      • Poly (ester)
      • Poly (ether)
      • Poly (carbonate)
      • Poly (siloxane)
      • Poly (perfluoro ether)
      • Other
  4. Biodurability and Biocompatibility
  5. Key Applications:
    • Catheters
    • Orthopedic Implants
    • Pacemaker Leads
    • Gels
    • Transdermal Drug Delivery
    • Other
  6. Adjuvants for Polyurethanes and Urethanes as Adjuvants
    • Radiopacifiers and other Common Aditives
    • Anti-microbials
    • Anti-thrombotics
    • Hydrophilic Coatings
    • Other
  7. Recent Developments


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