Assessment at The University of Akron 

The University of Akron faculty regularly assess the quality of their academic programs by focusing on student outcomes with the intent of improving student learning. Each program crafts their assessment process to suit their goals and accreditation demands.

All programs assess student learning in three stages:

  1. Define and clearly state expectations for student learning.
  2. Collect evidence that indicates how well students are meeting those expectations.
  3. Use that evidence to make informed decisions about how to improve student learning.

Colleges and their programs write annual reports summarizing assessment efforts for a variety of reasons including accreditation, program reviews, self-studies, and continuous improvement.

The Office of Academic Affairs, through the Director of Assessment and the University Assessment Committee, helps guide assessment processes across campus. The University Assessment Committee is chaired by the University Assessment Director and has representatives from all of the Colleges and the Director of General Education. The Director and the Committee support programs by disseminating relevant information, assisting in developing or revising assessment plans, providing feedback, and supporting faculty in meaningful, useful assessments.