Policy Handout (PDF)

Policies & Procedures:

  • In order to purchase from ChemStores, a completed order form must be submitted; dropped off to KNCL 111C, emailed; ChemStores@uakron.edu or faxed; 330-972-2034. An order will not be filled without an advisor signature and a speedtype (account).
  • Due to the requirement of inventory tracking, no student will be allowed in the stockroom. The order will be filled by a ChemStores employee.
  • No glass container filled with chemical will be distributed without a carrier for self delivery orders. Boxes are not always available from the stockroom. ChemStores stocks Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety Department (EOHS) approved carriers.
  • A receipt will be emailed to the Advisor/PI.


  • Delivery of chemical(s) is required to any building that requires crossing a public roadway due to DOT regulations.  Delivery must be through UA Mail Services arranged by ChemStores personnel.  Orders placed before noon will be delivered that afternoon. Orders placed after noon will be delivered the following afternoon. There will be one delivery in the afternoon, Monday thru Friday. This will include a nominal fee.
  • At the time of delivery, a receipt will be signed by department personnel for delivery services. A receipt will also be included in the order for the end user.
  • Transportation of chemicals across campus by a personal vehicle is NOT permitted by any purchaser due to State and Federal laws.