Institute Collections

Oak Native American Ethnographic Collection

Bowl adorned with two sculpted bearsOn permanent loan from Jim and Vanita Oelschlager's private collection are Native American tools, blankets, baskets, ceremonial objects, Edward Curtis books and prints, western bronzes, and a mixture of popular culture materials. The collection provides faculty, staff, and students a valuable resource to support learning opportunities. The Oak Native American Gallery exhibits items from this collection.

Lee L. Forman Collection of Bags

Paper bag painted with a portrait of Lee L. FormanThe Lee L. Forman Collection of Bags contains about 12,000 bags, including shopping bags, fine art, furniture, books, clothing, and more. The collection holds some famous bags, such as a bag signed by all four Beatles and Conan O'Brien's infamous bag that his guests sat on. The collection began with a fascination with the art on Bloomingdale's shopping bags and grew over four decades.

David P. Campbell Postcard Collection

postcard featuring a cat and dog. Caption reads: "Does your mother know you're out tonight?"The David P. Campbell collection of postcards contains about 250,000 postcards dating from the late 1800s. This collection represents an historical look at natural and human science as well as global society and culture encompassing a variety of themes including holidays, people, geographic locations, sentiments, and political and social statements. In addition, this collection showcases a variety of formats including photographic postcards and different media used to make them. The postcards can be viewed in the 4th floor library during limited hours.

Brozek Slavic and Germanic Language Cultural Books

book with a Slavic title and an open book of sheet musicThe Josef Brozek library of psychology and science contains 5,091 books in 27 languages (mostly Slavic and Germanic) on the topics of psychology, the history of psychology, and science. A selection of these books representing the arts can be viewed in the 4th floor library during limited hours.

Films from Human Science and Culture

film reel with images of two men seated facing the viewerThe Cummings Center houses an extensive moving image collection in formats including VHS video tape and 16mm and 8mm film. Around 500 reels of film from this collection have been allocated for educational and experimental use and cover topics related to the human condition.

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Wire Recorder Project: A Line to the Past

spools of wire recordingsThe Wire Recorder Project is an archive housing and digitizing wire recordings in all formats. The collection includes historic playback equipment and modern, fabricated digitization equipment. The original collection is the work of Dr. David Boder who recorded some of the first interviews with Holocaust survivors in 1945. The collection has grown to include personal recordings of children, professional singers, lectures, and religious ceremonies.