Fire Protection Technology

Fire protection concepts change as technology becomes more and more sophisticated. Therefore, the fire protection specialist must be skilled in the latest techniques in fire control, prevention, and property protection.

Newly developed combustible and hazardous materials combined with more stringent building construction and fire safety codes require highly trained and knowledgeable personnel.

The fire protection technology curriculum is designed to familiarize you with topics such as the history and philosophies of fire fighting, building construction and design concepts, fire prevention practices, specialized hazards, detection and protection of systems, fire investigation methods, and the effective training and use of human resources.

UA's Training Center for Fire and Hazardous Materials

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You will also study the proper methods for storage, transportation and handling of hazardous materials, supervisory responsibilities and functions of public service agencies, and the legal rights, duties, liabilities, and responsibilities of fire protection organizations within the scope of state and national codes and standards.

Our graduate placement rate is 85% to 90% over the past five years.

Career opportunities

Graduates of the fire protection program have a wide selection of career opportunities. Your education will assist you in becoming an expert in many areas, including fire protection, recognition and correction of fire hazards, design and application of fire extinguishing equipment, and utilization of fire codes and standards. The program is designed to prepare you for a career in fire protection in municipal, industrial, state, federal, and private fire protection agencies. It also provides instruction for service fire fighters wishing to prepare for career advancement.

Student activities

Participation in the student organizations allows opportunities to network and socialize with current and past members of the program, as well as with professionals in the field of fire protection and life safety.

Where learning is doing

As a fire protection student, you may participate in a 15-week internship, which consists of a full-time assignment in a fire protection agency. The Internship program provides valuable fire-related experience with regional fire organizations, such as fire departments, private fire investigation organizations, hazardous material compliance organizations, and others.

Also our Fire Protection Technology majors are encouraged to participate in special projects, such as fire training, educational tours, and fire-related research projects. It will provide you with first-hand experience, help you learn what a career in that area of fire protection is all about, and aid you in making important career decisions.

Where our grads are placed

A sample of the graduates of Fire Protection Technology:

Stacie Frabotta Firefighter Akron Fire Department
Scott Christiansen Firefighter Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department
Cal Rainey Project Manager Emergency Response & Training Solutions
Andrew Grantham Fire/Medic Lyndhurst Fire Department
Emma Paras Emergency Preparedness Planner Children's Hospital, Philadelphia
Lee Swisher Director Hancock County EMA
Timothy Wade Special Hazards Technician Koorsen Fire and Security
Chad Maynard Safety and Environmental Coordinator Ohio CAT
Kyle Morrow Firefighter/Paramedic City of Tallmadge
Patrick Beckley Fire Training Officer 2 Ohio Dept of Commerce, State Fire Marshal's Office, Ohio Fire Academy
Chad Rapier Firefighter/Paramedic Valley City Fire Department
Michael Morgan Firefighter/Paramedic  Fire and EMS Department, Washington, D.C.
Adam McDaniel Firefighter Akron Fire Department
Joshua Halleen Firefighter Akron Fire Department
Justin Fry Safety Technician Summit County Metro Parks