Robin Prichard

Robin Prichard

Title: Associate Professor of Dance
Office: Guzzetta Hall


Robin Prichard is active as an international performer, teacher, and choreographer; at the University of Akron. She specializes in turning classically trained students into inscrutable, unruly dancing bodies. As a dancer in New York, L.A., and Sydney, Australia, she worked with Guggenheim award winners Victoria Marks, Donna Uchizono, and David Rousseve, danced with Opera Australia, and performed works by Doug Varone, Doris Humphrey, Paul Tylor, and Mark Morris. Her choreography, “noted for its wit and vulnerability” (L.A. Weekly), investigates personal and cultural identities, often in relation to current social issues. Her dances strive to establish performer as subject, movement as inseparable from the dancer, and choreographer as a constructor of another’s truth.

Her commissions include Parramatta Riverside Theaters (Australia), State University of New York, Morehead State University, Dublin Arts Center, the intergenerational company The Dance Generators, and University of Western Sydney. She has a long-standing and continuing interest in indigenous dance and its intersection with postmodern cultures; as a Fulbright Fellow, she undertook a cross-cultural choreography project between Australian Aboriginal and contemporary dance. Her commission that she is most likely to be asked questions about over dinner was for American Idol (yes, that American Idol), where she served as the choreographer and performer via motion-capture for the interactive video game.

She has taught at Arizona State University, Australia’s National School of Dance for Aboriginals and Islanders (NAISDA), Sydney Dance Company, and Smith College. She has received a Fulbright Fellowship in Choreography, an Australian Federation of University Women Fellowship, an Artsbridge Scholar Award, a Kahn Fellowship, the Harkness Award, the Glorya Kaufmann Award for Artistic Excellence, and a Puffin Individual Artist Grant. She has published articles on Native American dance, increasing diversity in dance curriculum, and other topics in the Journal of Dance Education and Dance Education in Practice. Her choreographic/research interests include cross-cultural choreography between indigenous and concert dance and the intersections of race and gender in dance choreography and dance education.

Research Accomplishments

Puffin Foundation, LTD. Artist Grant: 2011

Kahn Fellowship in “Narrative: Identity”: Kahn Institute - 2006

Fulbright Fellowship: United States Department of State - 2002

Fellowship received to undertake a cross-cultural choreography project between Aboriginal and Contemporary concert dance

Betty Patterson Commemorative Fellowship: Australian Federation of University Women - 2001 & 2002

Fellowship received to undertake a cross-cultural choreography project between Aboriginal and modern dance


Clifton Webb Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement: University of California, Los

Angeles – 2000/01

Glorya Kaufmann Award for Artistic Excellence: University of California, Los Angeles –1999/00

Publications: From Color-Blind to Color-Conscious: Advancing Race in Dance Education. Journal of Dance

Education. Forthcoming (2019).

Non-Linguistic Reflection in Critical Reponses to Choreography. Journal of Dance Education. Winter 2019.

Using Participation Assessments to Create Active Learners in the Dance Studio. With Kristin

Horrigan. Dance Education in Practice. 4(1): 8-15.


Redefining the Ideal: Exquisite Imperfection in the Dance Studio. Journal of Dance Education.

Spring 2017, 13(2).


Honoring the Past, Changing the Future: Incorporating Native American Dance into Dance

Theory Courses. Journal of Dance Education, Spring 2016, 12(2): 39-47.

Selected Performances of Original Choreography:

St. Louis, MO. Spring To Dance. May 26, 2018.

New York, NY. Movement Research at Judson Church. December 11, 2017.

Marlboro, VT. Marlboro College. September 15, 2017.

New York, NY. Waxworks. September 10, 2017.

Akron, OH. Lose Your Marbles Fringe Festival. June 10, 2017.

Kent, OH. American College Dance Gala Concert. March 26 & 28, 2017.

Columbus, OH. Ohio Dance Festival Gala. April 26, 2014.

Columbus, OH. Ohio Dance Festival Gala . April 26, 2013.

Dublin, OH. Stream. September 14 &15, 2012.

Northampton, MA. The Dance Generators. June 7-10, 2012.

Cincinnati, OH . Cincy Fringe Festival May-June 2012.

Morehead, KY. Morehead Dance Company March, 2012.

Dunkirk, NY. Orchesis Dance Company. October 14-15, 2012.

Columbus, OH. Ohio Dance Festival Gala. May 2011.

Akron, OH. American College Dance Festival Gala Concert March 2011.

Northampton, MA. The Dance Generators. June 2009.

New York, NY. Brooklyn Arts Exchange. April 2007.

Northampton, MA . Learning to Listen. October 2006

Richmond, VA . Yes, Virginia – Dance. September 2006.

New York, NY. Living Room Project. August 2006.


Springfield, MA. White Mountain Dance Festival. August 2006.

New York, NY. American Dance Guild 50 th Anniversary Gala June 2006.

Miami, FL. New Choreography Series. May 2006.

Boston, MA. American College Dance Festival. February 2006.

Los Angeles, CA. WAC is Back. October 2005.

Scottsdale AZ. Dance for the Camera II October 2004.

Phoenix, AZ. Intimate Dance October 2004 .

Sydney, Australia. Parramatta Riverside Theatre. April 16-20, 2004.

Sydney, Australia. Rushing for the Sloth. January 2004.

Sydney, Australia. Dance Briefs. September 20-21, 2003.

Sydney, Australia. Pieces. April 2003.

Sydney, Australia. Omeo. March 29 – 30, 2003.

Sydney, Australia. Bodies Dance Festival. May 15 - June 3, 2002.

Albuquerque, NM. American College Dance Festival. March 7, 2001.

Los Angeles, CA. After Yesterday’s Crash. February 23 &24, 2001.

Los Angeles, CA. Dance Kaleidoscope. July 15, 2000.

Los Angeles, CA. Solo Festival. April 7-28, 2000.

Long Beach, CA. American College Dance Festival. March 30, 2000.

Los Angeles, CA. Double Dog Dare. March 10 &11, 2000

Los Angeles, CA. Highways. February 16, 2000.

Laguna Beach, CA. California Choreographers Festival. October 9, 1999.

Hayward, CA. American College Dance Festival. March 27, 1999.

Boulder, CO. American College Dance Festival. March 6, 1999.

New York, NY. Highways Initiative at Context. February 26 & 27,1998.

New York, NY. Evolving Arts. December 4, 1997.

New York, NY. Highways Initiative at Context. February 26 & 27,1998.

New York, NY. Ceres Gallery. September 26 & 27, 1997.

Brooklyn, NY. Spoke-The- Hub. May 3, 1997.

Brooklyn, NY. Gowanus Arts Exchange "Outback Series.” April 25 & 26, 1997.

New York, NY. Evolving Arts "Raw Material" Series. April 5 & 6, 1997.

New York, NY. Mulberry Street. March 31, 1997.


  • M.F.A. in Choreography, UCLA
  • B.F.A. in Dance, Purchase College at SUNY


Modern technique: all levels


Contact Improvisation,


Dance Conditioning,



Approaches to Choreography,

Intermediate Dance Composition,

Music and Choreography,

Advanced Choreography,

Cross-Cultural Choreography,

Choreographer’s Workshop,

Concert Dance,


Senior Performance Project,

Dance and Culture,

History and Literature of Dance (Graduate Level),

Dance Anatomy (undergraduate and graduate levels),

Dance Philosophy and Criticism,

Dance Teaching Methodologies,

Physical Analysis for Dance, 1 and 2,

Art as Social Action,

Dance Research Methodologies (Graduate Level),

Graduate Seminar: Dance and Cultural Studies,

Graduate Seminar: Teaching Dance in Universities,

Introduction to Liberal Arts,

Senior Seminar,

Viewing Dance,