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Make your EJ experience extra special by becoming a member of the all-new Flying Balcony Club (FBC) with a tax-deductible contribution of $250 or more.*


FBC-logoA gorgeous venue at the top of EJ, the private FBC is open to members and their guests one hour prior to all Main Stage events -- including Broadway, Akron Symphony, and Tuesday Musical. To get there, simply ride the elevator up from the McCormick Lobby.

Complimentary and/or reserved parking are among the most appealing benefits of membership. And, you'll enjoy VIP access to the best available tickets and other VIP treatment through the FBC Membership Services' direct phone line.

Other privileges, depending on membership level, include complimentary tickets, UA Forum Lecture Series tickets, beverage vouchers, and much more.

Become a Flying Balcony Club member

With your gift of $250 or more, join online or contact Membership Services at 330-972-6316 or

Pick your Flying Balcony membership level below: Applause, Rave Reviews, Standing Ovation, or Bravo!

Rave Review 
Standing Ovation 
Exclusive access to Flying Balcony Club 
VIP access to best seats available through FBC Membership Services 
Ticket pre-sales 
Program recognition 
Complimentary Parking passes  2 8 12 16
Reserved, prime parking in EJ Hall deck 
Private coat check 
Subscription to FBC e-news with members-only info about performances and specials 
$25 food/beverage voucher 
Ability to exchange tickets through FBC Membership Services 
Complimentary tickets to an appreciation performance or event  2 2 2
Complimentary tickets to an EJ Hall- sponsored performance of choice, including BIA 2 4
Behind-the-scenes, private EJ Hall tour 
Cast member meet- and-greet, as available 


Interested in a Corporate Membership that benefits your employees? Or, a Sponsorship that provides marketing and client entertainment opportunities for your company? To learn more about opportunities that best fit your company's needs, please contact us at 330-972-6316 or


* FBC memberships are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law.