Thursday, April 9, 2015! 
The University of Akron Student Union, 3rd Floor

Welcome to the UA Student Innovation Symposium! The founding theme, Advancing Knowledge Through Strong Student And Faculty Collaboration, is in keeping with the University of Akron's research initiative as the "driver for finding meaningful solutions that advance Northeast Ohio, through community and industry connections." - Dr. Luis M. Proenza

UASIS is a forum for graduate and undergraduate students to present their research, and for community and industry leaders to hear and discuss creative and scholarly work with faculty and administration. UASIS is a joint effort established by the Graduate School, the Office of Research Services and Sponsored Programs, the Office of Technology Transfer and the Office of the Vice president for Research.

Student research from various disciplines such as the arts, mathematics, business, social sciences, education, humanities, physical and life sciences, nursing, and engineering will be presented at this symposium. We have the exciting opportunity to demonstrably support student research at The University of Akron. This showcase of student achievement in research hosts over 300 participants for the symposium and awards luncheon portion of the event.