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Congratulations to the Best UASIS Poster  and Oral Presenters from the...
 9th Annual UA Student Innovation Symposium: A Showcase of Research

Poster Session I
Shruti Vangari, Kashyap Uppuluri, Merin Jose OASIS Data Collection Using XForms
Enoch Damson, Ahmed Elghriany, Ting Sun Southern California Megapolitan Region
Brett Hawkins Raspberry Pi Wardriving Remote Control Car
Samuel Otterman User-Friendly Bookshelf Application
Nicholas Miesmer Android Calendar Application
Poster Session II


Sarah Snyder Use of Electrical Stimulation on Human Dermal Fibroblasts to Enhance Wound Healing
Kunal Patel Stiffness Gradient Scaffolds for Stem Cell Based Cardiac Cell Therapy
Nikul Patel A Simple Thermoresponive Substrate for Rapid Cell Sheet Detachment
Stephanie Lemmo High Throughput Assay for the Development and Drug Testing of MCF-7 Cancer Cell Spheroids
Sharon Bernard, Anna Ganio, Laura Smith Callahan Optimization of Mechanical Properties of Polyethylene Glycol Dimetheacrylate Hydrogels for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications
Nathan Johnson The Reinvestigation of Boron Containing Compounds as Catalysts in the Ring-Opening Polymerization of Polyphosphazenes
Poster Session III
Allison Manudhane Nutrition Knowledge in Baccalaureate Nursing Students
Brittney Smith, Stephen Triola, Phillip Shearer Perceived Stress and Stress Responses in Nursing Students during Initial Hospital-Based Clinical Rotations
Mora Dewalk, Katherine Shevc huk, Michelle Yanul Investigation of the Correlation between Stress and Emotional Eating in Baccalaureate Nursing Students
Katheleen Ackerman Quality Initiative: Assessing Pediatric Pain
 Poster Session IV
Nick Purcell, Christopher Petsko Mediation Effects on the Relationship between Hostile Sexism and Ratings of a Supervisor
Edwin Lias Regional Geography in South Dakota
Christopher Petsko Why Sexist Men Stereotype Empowered Women
Sruti  Brahmandam Adequacy of Epinephrine Autoinjector in Delivering Intramuscular Injections
Michelle Taylor NK-T Cell Activation by Alpha Galactosylceramide (α-Gal Cer): A Model for Adjuvant Activation of Innate Immunity
Lance Johnson How Does a Prey’s Kinetic Energy Affect a Spider’s Silk
Oral Session I


Monica S. Womack Student-Teacher Relationships with Dual Enrollment Students
Theresa Bretz Increasing the Use of Fecal Occult Blood Test Cards for Colorectal Cancer Screening
Dakota Piorkowski When did water-responsiveness of spider capture silk evolve?
Kush Shah, Douglas Crowder, Renee Calderon Hyaluronan Based Drug Pendant System for Delivery of Hydrophobic Drugs


Oral Session II
Katelyn Smith Knowledge of Nutrition in the Older Adult Patient with Type-2 Diabetes in the Primary Care Setting
Adam Pittman Social Support Among Acute Care Nurses
Anita Petrovic Patient Centered Care and Cholesterol
Chris Kuhn Exploring Student Views on the Use of an Online Course Management System: A Study Using Q Methodology
Oral Session III
Natalie Romano, Jojo Joseph Photophysical Properties of Cadmium Sulfide Nanoparticles and Poly(phenylene-ethynene) Composites
Katie Moran Comme si la vie n'avait pas de sens
Tabitha Martin, Dawn Lombardi, Kristina Floyd Lost in Translation: Grammatical Errors of Non-Native English Writers in First-Year Composition
Eun Hye (Grace) Kim, Marcela Castano, Kwang Su Seo Halogen Functionalization of Poly(ethylene glycol)s through Enzymatic Reactions
Qiuming Wang, Xiang yu, Kunal Patal, Jun Zhao A novel design of Alzheimer's disease therapeutic agents
Ehsan  Atefi High Through Cancer Cell Spheroid Microtechnology
Arezoo Sadrinezhad Triaxial Probabilistic Elastic-Plastic Constitutive Simulation of Geomaterials

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