Installing Printer Drivers

1 Most of the Pharos Printer drivers are not installed by default on Macintosh Computers. They can be downloaded at the following url Search the menus to find the correct driver for the printer

2. Download and install the printer driver.

Adding Pharos Printers to Mac OSX

1. Click on the Apple Icon at the top left of your Mac Desktop.  The drop down menu includes System Preferences.

2. Click on System Preferences.  The new window contains a selection of icons.

3. Click on the Printer and Scan icon.

4. The new window enables you to add a printer.  There are two buttons at the bottom left.  One is a plus (+) and the other a minus (-).  

5. Click on the ‘IP’ Icon

Mac Pharos Example

6. In the Address Field Type uauniprint1 the Pharos Server Name

7. Leave the Protocol Field set to Line Printer Daemon – LDP

8. In the Queue Field Type the corresponding Pharos Server Queue Name

9. Give the Pharos Printer a Descriptive An example of a descriptive name is Library Pharos Printer Station, you might have multiple Pharos printers setup if you use release stations across campus.

10. Fill in a Descriptive Location such as Bierce Library 1st Floor, etc.

11. Print Using: Click on the up-down arrow and click on 'Select Printer Software'.  A new window appears. Type the Manufacturers name of the printer. For example, MLP150 and the Savin model automatically appeared. Type the model for your printer and the click on the OK button.

12. Click on the 'Add' button.  The next window you simply click on OK.

13. You are back to the 'Print and Scan' window.  Your printer is now listed and you can now print to it.

14.  If you wish any assistance at all please feel free to contact ZipSupport Center at ext. 6888