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The training offered here is designed to support administrative and academic systems used across the University. Available titles include Microsoft, PeopleSoft, EmpCenter and Brightspace (formerly Springboard).

If you have questions or need further assistance please contact the Help Desk at or call 330-972-6888.

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(formerly Springboard)

As of Fall 2017, we renamed our learning management software system to Brightspace. The goal of renaming was to make it easier for students and faculty to search for self-help resources on the internet.

What is available here:

IT Security

On completion of this learning module you will be able to engage in safe computer use and practices, reducing your risk of being a victim of ID theft, malware and viruses. From Hoonuit. 

Microsoft & Adobe Software

All Microsoft and Adobe product training is now available on Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning). In addition to Microsoft products, Hoonuit contains hundreds of hours of professionally created content. 

Sample titles:

  • Office Online: In-Depth
  • Word Intro
  • Excel Intro
  • OneNote for the classroom
  • Excel 2016 Pivot Tables
  • Photoshop CC 2017 Advanced
  • Adobe Lightroom CC 2017
My Akron Experience

Video tutorial for users of the new University of Akron student and employee web portal.

PeopleSoft: Student Center Self Service

Students, learn how to:

  • Add Classes
  • Drop Classes
  • Search for Classes
  • View your Enrollment Appointment Date
  • View your Schedule
  • View your weekly schedule
  • View your exam schedule
  • View your grades
  • View your advisers
  • View your transfer credit
  • View any holds
  • View/update personal information (name, address, phone number, emergency contacts, email address, and FERPA restrictions)
  • View course history

Student Employees, Faculty & Staff


Online tutorial and seminar manuals. Learn how to:

  • Request campus space for your upcoming event
  • Manage your Event spaces 
  • Approve Event space requests
Academic Encouragers

This course has been designed specifically for Academic Encouragers – to provide an overview of the tasks needed for their job.  The following lessons will be covered: review a student profile, create an advising report, review notes, review advising reports, the advising summary report and exporting report data to Excel.

Brightspace (Springboard)

As of Fall 2017, we renamed our learning management software system to Brightspace. The goal of renaming was to make it easier for students and faculty to search for self-help resources on the internet.

What is available here:

Curriculum Proposal System

CPS, or the Curriculum Proposal System, is an automated workflow system, based on the Oracle BPM Workflow Tool, which supports the academic approval process for curriculum proposals and performs many of the administrative steps in that process.


Online course and training manual for working in dotCMS to develop web page content and HTML pages.

EAB Student Success Collaborative - Advising Training Materials

The Education Advisory Board's Student Success Collaborative system uses business analytics to improve student retention and graduation rates.  

ecrt Documentation and Tutorials 

Effort Certification and Reporting Technology training and documentation.

  • Certifier's Documentation and Tutorials
  • Effort Coordinator's Documentation and Tutorials
EmpCenter Time & Attendance and Absence Management

Online Courses, job aids and tutorials for the EmpCenter software for all employee groups:

  • Entering time
  • Submitting Timesheets
  • Submitting Time Off Requests
  • Processes for Managers/Timekeepers
  • Schedules for Supervisors of SBU Employees
Faculty 180 Documentation

Faculty 180 training and documentation:

  • Overview
  • Review/update data
  • Vita settings
  • Vita report
  • My Activities report

These instructions are for Phase I of the GradesFirst implementation. During Phase I, the Advising Report and the Notes functionality will be used.

IT Security

Upon completion of this learning module, you will be able to engage in safe computer use and practices, thus reducing your risk of being a victim of ID theft, malware and viruses. From Hoonuit.

Microsoft Software

Microsoft product training is now available on Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning). In addition to Microsoft products, Hoonuit contains hundreds of hours of professionally created content. 


Learn how to use Nolij software from these tutorials and documentation:

  • Nolij Web Version 6.7 Upgrade tutorials
  • Upgrade to Version 6.7 Quick Reference
  • Scanning in Version 6.7 Quick Reference
  • Editing Office Documents instructions in Version 6.7

PicPick is a screen capture tool.  Documentation includes installation and quick guide.

Physical Facilities - Work Order Requests

How to add a work order request and enter/view work order request.

Purchasing: Procurement

Documentation and tutorials on:

  • Procurement Card Policies and Procedures
  • Quick Reference Guide & Tutorials for Cardholders
  • Quick Reference Guide & Tutorials for Approvers
  • Glossary of Restricted/Prohibited Purchases & Activities
Qualtrics Survey Tool

Complete training materials for sending out your first survey. Training documents include:

  • Overview
  • Getting Started
  • Qualtrics Online University

Student Administration Quick Reports 

Formerly ZipReports, UA Analytics Student Administration Reports (SA) is an operational reporting system built on Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) software.

Student Administration Reports use pre-built reports to answer questions common to student administrative tasks. The data is PeopleSoft sourced and refreshed daily, via a nightly extract from the PeopleSoft system.

There are five reports:

  1. Active Students by Career and Academic Plan
  2. Applicants
  3. Class Information
  4. Degrees Awarded
  5. Enrolled Students by Career and Academic Plan


Commonly Used Guides

Manuals, job aids, and a tutorial on using the Advising feature in PeopleSoft.

The course provides an overview of the various training resources available to advisors, as well as a demonstration of the Advising self-service process.

Quiz Requirement: A passing score of 80% or higher is required in order to obtain credit for completing the course. You may repeat the quiz as many times as necessary.

Required for Security Access.

Budget Reports & Inquiry

Review the Budget management procedures in PeopleSoft, version 9.1. You will print Budget Reports, export Budget data to Excel and inquire on Budgets.

Recommended Prerequisite: Financials Introduction

Campus Solutions 

User manuals, PDFs of common tasks, job aids and online courses for the Campus Solutions application (formerly Student Admin). 

Tutorials offered:

  • Introduction for New Users
  • Quick Enroll

Documentation available:

  • User Manuals (PDF)
    • Service Indicators
    • Campus Solutions (formerly SA) for New Users 
  • Common tasks
    • Apply for security
    • Campus Solutions Common paths list
    • Print Schedule of Classes (Phase Report)
    • Print a student schedule
    • Much more...
Department Course Scheduling

A review of the procedures and rules to follow when creating and maintaining the schedule of classes for your department. 

Topics presented:

  • Adding/deleting class sections
  • Schedule new courses

Recommended Pre-Requisite: Introduction to Campus Solutions

Quiz Requirement: You must complete and score at least an 80% to pass. You may repeat the quiz as many times as necessary.

Required for Security access to maintain the schedule of classes for your department.

Financials Training

Learn PeopleSoft basics as you get an introduction to the Financials module, Requisitions, Financial Inquiry & Budgets.

  • Introduction to PeopleSoft Financials
  • Basic Navigation and Favorites
  • Requisitions
  • Financial Inquiry/Budgets
HCM - Human Capital Management (HR)

This course is for those individuals who need to use HR data and create queries using HR data in PeopleSoft version 9.

New users and experienced users who want to refresh their knowledge can benefit from this course.

Familiarity with basic navigation in version 9 before taking this course is recommended.

On this page you will find:

  • Tutorials
  • Training manuals (PDF)
  • Job Aids
  • Recruiting Solutions training manuals
  • HCM Introduction & Navigation
  • Term Academic Activity Reporting (TAARs) training materials
HCM Introduction and Navigation

This course is recommended for new users of Peoplesoft. 

The following topics are presented:

  • How to obtain security access
  • Sign in and out
  • basic navigation
  • Using multiple browser views and clearing browser cache
Hiring Process Manager (HPM)

Also known as Recruiting Solutions. Tutorials and documentation offered:

  • Tutorials
    • Job Approval
    • Search Committee Training
    • Staff, Contract Professional, & Full-time Faculty positions
    • Part-time Faculty New Hires & Reappointment Process
    • Hiring Process Manager
  • User Manuals & Job Aids
    • Approvals
      • Approve a Job Opening
      • Approve a Job Offer
      • More...
    • Search Committee
      • Quick Guide to View Job Openings & Applicants
      • View Job Openings & Applicants
      • More...
HR and Payroll Self Service

Documentation offered:

  • Manuals/ Job Aids
  • eProfile: How to:
    • View/update my Personal Information Summary
    • View/update my Emergency Contacts
    • View/update my Marital Status
    • View/update my Name
    • View/update my Education
    • View/update my Phone Number
    • View/update my Home/Mailing Address
    • View/update my Email Address
    • View/update my UA Directory Information
  • View my Payroll Information
Query Manager

PeopleSoft Query Manager Intro and Advanced are two tutorials intended for users new to writing queries against the SA/HR database.

What you will learn:

  • Intro
    • Locate & run a query
    • Export data to Excel
    • Print query results
    • Create a basic query
    • Save q query
  • Advanced
    • Combine tables
    • Modify an existing query
    • Include summaries such as counts or totals in results

Also available are PDFs of the training manuals used in the instructor-led training.

Intro and Advanced required for security access.

Quick Enroll

Quick Enroll will allow you to enroll and/or drop a student from a course. 

Required for security access.


Learn the Requisition Entry Process for PeopleSoft, Version 9.2.

The topics presented:

  • Life Cycle of a requisition
  • Adding a New Requisition
  • Printing a Requisition
  • Recalling a Requisition
  • Requisition Inquiry

Required for security access.

Self Service

Faculty Self-Service topics:

  • Enter Grades
  • Change Grades
  • View Class Rosters
  • View your teaching schedule
  • View your exam schedule
  • Submit Athletic Academic Advising Progress Reports
  • Search for classes
  • Browse the course catalog
  • Conduct a faculty search
Student Accounts

This tutorial will provide an overview of student accounts. The following topics are presented in this tutorial:

  • Customer account activity
  • Account details
  • Academic information
  • Service indicators
  • Anticipated aid
  • Tuition charges

Required for security access.

Term Academic Activity Reporting (TAARS) Documentation and tutorials on the TAARs process.

Learn more...

Information Security Awareness

Hoonuit (formally Atomic Learning)

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General Course Information...

  • Pre-Requisites: Listed pre-requisites are recommended. Not completing a pre-requisite will not prevent you from taking a course.
  • Audio: All online courses contain audio. Consider headphones and check PC speaker level before playing.
  • Resuming a Tutorial: You can resume a tutorial later, from the same PC. The player will prompt you to resume from the last completed slide.
  • Certificate Issuance: On passing a quiz, you will have the opportunity to print a certificate. This is only for your personal records and not necessary to demonstrate successful completion of the seminar.
  • Quizzes and Security: For tutorials required to grant security access, you must score at least an 80% on the quiz to pass. You may use your notes, training manual, job aids, etc. You can repeat the quiz as many times as necessary.
  • Surveys for Security Access: We track your tutorial completion using a survey. To demonstrate tutorial completion for purposes of security access you must complete a survey. If a tutorial contains a quiz, first click the Finish button after printing the certificate of completion, then you will be taken to the survey.