Don't Be a Stranger by Katherine Strobel

December 8, 2023 through March 16, 2024

Lynn Rodeman Metzger Galleries

Don’t Be a Stranger by Katherine Strobel is about bridging a gap between experience, physical sensation, and remembering seemingly mundane things. The statement “don't be a stranger” is usually used during a midwestern goodbye as people meander, not quite wanting to leave. Here, the phrase is employed to ask viewers to leave and come back in a reflective sense. The experiences depicted in the work are meant to be evoked, reflected upon, and then left to rest as something familiar. It deals with the ordinary nature of shared experiences amongst people as we form a uniquely mundane but universally human community.

About Katherine Strobel Katherine Strobel headshot

Katherine Strobel is a painter and a native of the Akron area. She produces paintings that play off of nostalgia to create dialogue about the similarities and differences found in the processes of maturing. Illustration and painting are essential to her creative process and have helped Katherine’s work to enter several private collections.

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