Underneath by Kalia Horner

December 8, 2023 through March 16, 2024

Lynn Rodeman Metzger Galleries

Underneath by Kalia Horner captures imagery dealing with life and sexuality within the Hmong and Western culture. Horner juxtaposes the vulnerability of the nude figure with traditional clothing styles, representing mirrored versions of identity. Utilizing an agitated stroke of the brush, her work dives into feelings of frustration and longing to find connection and belonging. Patterning in her work alludes to different Hmong symbols used within textile works and embroidery. The representation of tattoos reflects the acceptance of this aesthetic within American culture, but opposes many Eastern cultures, including the Hmong community.

“Being a biracial woman, neither fitting in nor belonging to one culture or the other,” says Horner, “expression of identity and relationship with oneself becomes crucial in discovering and accepting. The ways in which my culture has impacted how I have represented sexual and gender identity in my personal life has greatly influenced the content of my work.”

About Kalia Horner Kalia Horner headshot

Kalia Horner is a Hmong-American artist based in Northeast Ohio who pulls inspiration from her multicultural background, creating powerful figurative paintings exploring her cultural heritage as well as sexuality. She has exhibited several solo shows during her undergraduate degree in Painting and Drawing. While also obtaining a BA in Art Education, she plans to go on to teach art to passionate students, while also continuing her fine arts studies in painting and drawing. Using a variety of materials in her work, she culminates strong imagery within her paintings and ties together her personal expression and relationships to identity, culture and sexuality.

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