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Project Details

The ITS department will be identifying and replacing aging computers that are used by Staff and Administrators  across campus in an effort to bring updated technology to these users and to better support the campus community.

We will begin with identifying these machines and contacting the users to select a replacement model that best meets their business needs. Our goal is to move these classification of machines closer to a five year cycle of replacement with machines 6+ years or older replaced between now and early summer.

The impact to the campus should be seen in improved computer performance, reduced non-warranty service calls, updated Operating system with a longer support life.

Time Line

Time Line

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The initial criteria being used is as follows:

  • Primary machine of the user
  • 6+ Years of age
  • NOT a lab computer
  • NOT a computer used by a student assistant 

If the computer has been determined that it will not be redeployed to the campus it will be moved to surplus property where it will be wiped of all data and an operating system will be reinstalled on the machine. At that time Surplus Property will make the unit available for purchase including setting the price for the unit. This process is used to ensure no University of Akron licensed software  is being used on non-UA equipment.

More information can be found On the Surplus Property web page

Labs are excluded at this time to focus on the current administrative needs. By doing so we hope this will also allow departments to focus their technology funds on lab and other technology needs within their departments.

When completing the form select the option "None of the options meets my needs." and give the issue you have with the build (need larger hard drive, need more ram, etc) Please be as specific as possible. Once the submission has been received it will be reviewed and a member of ITS will contact you with additional options or questions on the business needs. Once the configuration is approved it will then be ordered.

Ideally your data is being stored on your university H:\ drive, OneDrive for Business, or Google Drive, and no data transfer will be needed. In the event your data is on your local hard drive the technician just needs to be made aware and they will transfer the data.

The old computer will be kept for 2 weeks after the new machine has been installed in the event some data was missed.

The standard configurations are:

  • Dell 7460 All-in-one Desktop (23.8 inch screen, 16GB memory, 256GB solid state hard drive)
  • Dell 5490 Laptop (14 inch screen, 16GB memory, 256GB solid state hard drive)
  • Apple iMac (21.5 inch 4K screen, 16GB memory, 256GB solid state hard drive)
  • Apple MacBook Pro (15 inch screen, 16GB memory, 256GB solid state hard drive)

Please email your question to to be answered and added to the list.